Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Semester. End.

December didn't really greeted me with a BANG but it greeted me with flu, cough and a little bit of sore throat instead. For a person who hardly gets sick, (I self proclaimed that I have strong antibody) I am surprised that I can fall sick at this time but luckily it's just a mild one. I thought paying a visit to the doctor wasn't necessary so all I did was to get more rest and sleep during the weekend and now I am feeling so much better, except the occasional flu that get from especially at night but I'm all good :) It's the last week of the semester and my final class had just ended on Monday. I've got the most international students this semester for Design Fundamentals class and I will miss them a lot especially the bunch of Indon students. They're probably the ones that has been keeping me in control and much more alive everytime I'm in the class plus the fact that they always laugh at my attempted lame jokes,  does add more bonus points for them haha. I was really impressed at some of the outcomes of their final project because clearly they did put a lot of effort in doing it and also probably days of sleepless night. Well, at least my heart felt more calm-er and I'm also pretty proud of the results that they were able to produce.

I am gonna miss this class but I see some of them again in the next semester's all good :) Just gonna wish them all the best and hope they'll gonna enjoy the term break as well. Right after I was done with my class on Monday, some of my students decided to take a photo with me and in that 5 minutes of photo taking session, I felt totally like a celebrity! hahaha. But it was only for 5 minutes and then everything's back to normal after that. The best thing that the students said to me on that day was "thank you". Definitely took away my Monday blues :) Sometimes I really wonder if teaching is really my thing because a few years ago I have never thought of going into the education line but I don't know...I think it's all in God's plan and this is probably one of the roles that he had envisioned me to be or do cos I'm pretty sure he knows what is best for me right? There are times that I can get so pissed on my students and I'll constantly complain about it to my friends but I have learned so much from being an 'educator'. It's still a little weird though to call myself as a lecturer, normally I'll just tell people that I teach in a college and they'll figure it out. Anyway, it might not be the 'coolest' job but I'm still blessed and for the record, I love my students...even if they piss me off sometimes haha.

P/S: My Christmas mode is totally on right now and I painted that hot chocolate because I was bored last night heh.

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