Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Melbourne beaches

While I am waiting to get my blogging mojo back, I shall do a few of these 'backdated' post of my Melbourne trip. I know I haven't had the chance to do a full update on the trip because I got mugged and all right after the trip hence it took some time to get myself up again. But, please look forward for more Melbourne related post soon! I do wanna share some of the interesting places that I've been in the span of 5 days there. This edition is about the beaches that I managed to visit, just briefly. Summer is of course the BEST time to head to the beach and as far as I know there are two famous beaches here in Melbourne, St. Kilda and Brighton Beach. I managed to make a quick visit on both beaches on my last day in Melbourne but we didn't stayed long though since it was already about 4pm when we reached St. Kilda.  The weather was a little gloomy since there was a slight hailstorm while we were having our tea time! Indeed, it was such a random moment because when we visited Vic Market and the zoo earlier, the weather was super fine.

Our initial plan to visit St. Kilda was to go and check out Luna Park but too bad it was closed for renovation hence I could only snap a photo of the entrance. Next time when I have the chance to come to Melbourne again, I shall go during the summer. Made a quick stop at St. Kilda Pier, got out took a couple of photos (it was pretty windy btw) and off we go to Brighton Beach. Okay, to be honest I actually thought the colourful huts are located in St. Kilda...but actually it's not haha. I didn't had the time to do much research on Melbourne cos basically Jess was the one who sort of planned the places to visit while I'm there (thank you Jess!!!)

I LOVE the colourful huts that I couldn't stop taking photos of it. The colours are so vibrant and I thought it was such a good example to show my students about colour combination. We stayed in Brighton Beach for a while and walked along the beach just to admire the huts...I think I could've taken nicer photos of the huts when the sun was still shining brightly but it was already sunset when we reached there. It is still a nice place to visit when you're in Melbourne. We left before the sky gets dark and went back to the city to grab sushi takeaway for dinner along with Victoria Bitter beer for dinner :)

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