Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chasing the sun...set (part 2)

Today has been a pretty interesting and good day because while I was having coffee session with Simone and Eve in Citymall, I coincidentally bumped into my ex-housemate from college, Loong whom I haven't seen in ages! Man, I missed that dude a lot! I also managed to meet Weng, a friend that I got to know from Loong plus not forgetting my ex-student Bis (is that the correct spelling?) who spotted me in Starbucks while I was in the midst of having conversation with Loong and Weng. Never expected to meet my ex-student here but it's cool cos when  introduced him to Loong and Weng, they became instant friends! According to Simone, it's really easy to click with a fellow Sabahan even if you've just met them for the first time. I'd like to second that :)

Anyway, all of us decided to head over to Sunset Bar after our coffee session. Since it rained in the evening, we didn't managed to catch much of the sunset but...the view was still breathtaking! I think God has been extra nice to me today and allowed all my friends to gather at the same place and spend some time with me seeing that it is my last day in KK. It was indeed a good day :) Loong, being his crazy self never failed to warm up the atmosphere and making sure everyone was having a good time as well. I'm not even sure why he was being so extra friendly to my ex-student seeing that they've just met for the first time but then, he's not doing anything wrong right?

Knowing that it's my last day in KK makes me feel like I really don't want to leave...just yet. Although I have been flying back and forth since December, I still feel like it's not enough. *sigh* The next time I'll be back in KK would probably be during Raya holidays...I just hope the air fare will be reasonable when it is time for me to get the tix. See you soon again KK! Thank you to my fam, cousins and bffs for being able to spend time with me. I'll be flying to Tawau tomorrow with my mom...well, I'm basically still in Sabah but only in a different town. I honestly don't know what to expect there but I am hoping that I'll be able to have a good time too.

Always beautiful.

Loong, one of my closest buddy in college. Sooooo good to see him again!

Love 'em!

Group photo!
Just HAD to snap a photo inside the toilet lol~

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