Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love Day 2013

This year's Love Day was celebrated by witnessing the wedding union of Joe and Alison (Ivan's sister) in Tawau and at the same time it was also the 4th day of Chinese New Year so...double the happiness right? Anyway, I do feel very grateful to be invited to this beautiful yet simple wedding reception since I've never actually experience an outdoor wedding before. A lot of the weddings that I've attended throughout the years were done indoors, in the house of God most of the time. Joe and Alison's wedding was held in Tawau Yacht Club, also my first time being there and it was a good choice of venue because the view was beautiful during the sunset. Told ya Sabah has one of the most amazing sunset! But then I am very bias about this because I'm a Sabahan, born and bred haha. 

I LOVE the wedding decors and I thought it was a brilliant idea to hang the lanterns around. It just made the entire place looked beautiful. I also liked the fact that this wedding was a simple one and it wasn't really crowded with too many kinda gave me this 'warmness' feeling when I was there. The releasing of the pink heart balloons up to the air was a very nice feeling's kinda like you're making a secret love wish to that someone in the hopes that i'll come true once you release the balloon haha. If you're wondering if I made a wish...I so totally did hahaha. Okay, this is starting to get cheesy lol. Well, it was a nice feeling being able to be in Tawau again after haven't been there in a long while. I don't get to visit my mum's hometown as often as I used to anymore so being back in Tawau once in a blue moon feels really nice. Tawau town seems to be very quiet at night though compared to KK. Congratulations again to Joe and Alison, wishing the both of you the best in your journey becoming man & wife and may God shower heaps of blessings to the both of you in many years to come. 

On the other note, my CNY week long holiday has ended already BOO! But it is time to get focused on work and other stuff now. I haven't even had a decent sleep since my arrival back in the Peninsula. Last night I reached home at 4am and I have CG class at 9.30am earlier. So basically I've only slept for less than 3 hours. As much as I *think* I'm still okay to do this, I am assured that my lifespan is slowly decreasing haha. Well, the things I do for a friend...

P/S: Shall do my visit to Mabul Island post next but in the meantime, I shall try every possible way to stay awake now.

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zerry ht said...

Aww! This is such a beautiful post. They look adorable together. I am also looking for one of the Chicago event venues like this because I like openness and a place like this would be just perfect. I have to share this post with my fiancé right away.