Friday, March 22, 2013


This week, my students are kinda giving me a hard time that my annoyance level can burst out anytime BUT it's all good...I've learned the art of being patient in the last 5 years of being in this field. It's just that sometimes, they (my students) doesn't seem to know how to apply common sense whenever they were given a task. *sigh* Anyway, thank goodness it's finally Friday already...I look forward for the weekend even if I have to work on Saturday pffft. But at least I can take a little break from them students before seeing them again next week. The semester break is coming real soon, in about 2 and a half weeks more and the workload that I've to deal with is of course inevitable. Gotta work my ass off in these few weeks before I go for another travel adventure again next month! I'll give you a hint where I'm going this time: BIGBANG. Well, that's easy no?

I know I haven't been very consistent in updating my blog these days. To say I'm really busy, well...I could spare a little time actually but I dunno...sometimes there's just so many things that I wanted to write about but I can't seem to put it in words. Even my previous post below took me quite a long time to complete. But yeah, I miss writing post like know the kind where I can just update on things that has been happening in my life lately. I think the past few posts have been me 'trying' to be deep, which didn't turned out that well. Anyway, here's what I've been up to lately...doing it in 'Just A Minute' style.

Reading...For One More Day by Mitch Albom (I'm a really slow reader so it'll take time to finish this)
Listening...Justin Timberlake's new album, The 20/20 experience and a lot of K-Hiphop especially
                  by Beenzino, Supreme Team, Dynamic Duo, Dok2, Jay Park :D
Making...I've been cooking quite a lot in the past 2 weeks. Trying to bring my own food to work in
               order to save money for my travel adventure.
Playing...Candy Crush! Dayumm this game is pretty addictive but I am currently stuck in level
               23 pffft. Not a game person, seriously.
Watching...Been watching Running Man (one of the best Korean variety shows). I laugh like a 
                  maniac everytime I watch it haha.
Doing...Quick sketch and also hand drawn lettering. Need to work more on both.

I will try to blog consistently...but next week is already the Holy Week and it's gonna be another helluva busy week again. But I will not abandon  this blog, I promise haha. Just see it as a 'short break' from blogging since it still Lent season after all. Have a great Friday everyone!

Here are some of my quick sketch practice done in my moleskine. I haven't been drawing human faces in a long while so the outcome might not be great yeah? Just thought I'd share it out.

P/S: I REALLY wanna go and see BSB and 2NE1 tomorrow but I dunno if I can and I don't think I wanna be sandwiched with all the people since it's a free concert. But BSB and 2NE1!!! Best boy band ever and baddass Korean girl group! I want.

Justin's new album sounds legit. Current fav: Suit & Tie / Spaceship Coupe / That Girl

EXTRA: A throwback photo! 7 years ago (2006) in this month, I attended my graduation ceremony and received my diploma cert. Dayumm have I always been one of the guys? Read the post here.

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