Monday, March 11, 2013

The Mabul escapade

During my one week CNY holiday in Sabah, I also managed to stay in Mabul Island for one night and it was awesome!. Again, I am very grateful that I was able to join this trip because I've never been to Mabul Island before and the last time I visited an island in Sabah was like ages ago. Plus, the friends that came together to Mabul are my friends that I am already feel very comfortable with, despite them being boys. Okay, they're men now to be exact haha. This one night trip actually cost quite a bomb but then, the memories that has been made and the good times that I had in just one night staying in the island is...priceless. I know, kinda cheesy to say it but damn right it's true!

Mabul Island is amazing! When I reached there, I was so impressed at how everything just looked so damn beautiful. What I liked best was seeing how the clear blue sky complemented the crystal clear water and looking at the scenery from the room's balcony, I just felt like I wanna stay in the island forever. We all went snorkeling in Kapalai island in the afternoon and it was also my first time to experience snorkeling. I was having a hard time trying to get used to breathe using my mouth with my snorkeling gear and the salty sea water kept splashing over me non stop. But since I didn't want to miss the chance to see the  wonderful things underwater, I kept going and soon enough I got used to breathing with my mouth. The best thing that happened while snorkeling was when I saw a big turtle swimming underneath. It felt so surreal because I normally only see it on the telly but to have the chance to experience and seeing it with my own pair of eyes was super amazeballs!!! I definitely wouldn't mind going for another snorkeling session next time or even better, get a scuba diving license so I can dive down into the deep blue sea. Actually, the sea scares me a little because there's so many things I imagine that can happen but still, the the things that you can see underwater, like the fishes, coral and's just something really beautiful and fascinating.

After the snorkeling session, we continued to have a light swim (without our life jackets on) along the dock and it was also the time where the men decided to show off their 'olympic jump' attempt (as you can see from the video below). As the night comes, we cleaned ourselves up, had dinner and hung out at the island's mini bar, having a couple of beers and listening to the local workers serenading us with random songs. Did I mentioned how friendly the local workers are? I met this girl who was working at the bar and totally became instant friends. But I didn't managed to say goodbye to her the next day though. There wasn't that much stuff that we can do at night, unless we brought some board games or playing cards to play...but we didn't so we just stayed at the bar for a while Anyway, it was good being able to catch up with friends, especially with Ken who came back from Shanghai to celebrate CNY. We went back into our room around midnight and because the night still felt so young, I had this pillow talk session with my guy friends hahaha. I was sharing a room with two guys by the way. But no worries, it's all good! Actually, the things that we talked about wasn't all about serious stuff cos we started talking about random things like how men gets an erection (LOL!) and well, some other stuffs. But there were some serious stuff that we talked about too and it totally changed my perspective towards my a good way of course :)

There's this kind of feeling that I felt being in Mabul Island. It's that kind of feeling where you can really describe it in words but can only felt it in your heart. I KNOW, sounds cheesy again but honestly, I can only feel it in my heart. Kinda like a mixture of happiness, peace, serene, relax and calm. Anyway, I really did enjoyed myself in this super short visit to Mabul Island. It is a trip worth remembering in a long while seeing that I don't get the chance to go on trips like this with these bunch of friends a lot. Though we still see each other and all but chances in going to an escapade like this seems so limited since everybody's busy with life. I've been back to the Peninsula after my CNY holiday for almost a month now I still can picture the blue sky and crystal clear water of Mabul Island in my mind on random occasions. Hopefully it's not gonna be my first and last time visiting that island. Still haven't had the chance to visit Sipadan yet so it's definitely gonna be in my bucket list.

In Semporna jetty before riding the speedboat to Mabul Island.
We're here!
The view from our room's balcony. Magnificient <3
Off to Kapalai for snorkeling sesh.
See you again Mabul!


Ivan Ho said...

My morning erection had changed your point of view ??? hahahah kidding~

Ivan Ho said...

Good post i like. Mabul trip was a miracle !!!

Vivien Dumpangol said...

yup, your erection story totally makes me see you in a different way now hahaha~