Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Excuse me for I am probably gonna blog like a fangirl today hehe. Okay, so lately I have come to realise that Korean Hip Hop and R&B is my new found love in music. I think I'll write about this one of these days but as for now, let me just share this new video from Jay Park called 'JOAH' / 좋아 (it means 'I like' in Korean). I'm considered a new fan of Jay Park because I only started listening to his songs early last year. His album 'New Breed' gave me a really good impression and after seeing him performing live twice, I became an instant fan (just like BIGBANG hehe). I've been following his updates from time to time...not in a crazy stalker way of course (cos I am way to old to be one of those crazy fangirl) and I've been waiting for his comeback this year because I knew that I'm gonna like his songs when he release it. This song JOAH, like what Jay Park has described is a feel good song...something similar to his song, Girlfriend. I liked the video too cos it shows the 'essence' of Seattle and I don't just makes me comfortable watching it haha. The girl in the video, her name is Clara Lee and she's a Korean actress. I don't really know who she is but dayummm, she's pretty!  This video also features his B-Boy team, Art Of Movement (AOM) and one of the members, Cha Cha Malone is the person who's responsible in producing this awesome song for Jay Park.

Anyway, I could share so many other stuff about Jay Park but I think I better not, for now haha. Maybe if you and I share the same interest in his music then we can talk more :D When I was back in KK last Christmas, my brother was asking me why the sudden love for KPOP? I told him that I just needed a change and wanted to listen to something new instead of the same 'ol stuff on the radio hehe. But because they are way too many KPOP groups around, I somehow feel like their songs tend to sound like the same (minus BIGBANG and 2NE1) so I am opting to listen to more Korean Hip Hop and R&B now instead of pop songs. Jay Park's Digital single is available in iTunes store now...I've already purchased it the minute I knew it was available. There are currently 3 new songs in this digital single: Joah, 1Hunnit (ft. Dok2) and Welcome. You can watch 1Hunnit MV on youtube and Welcome MV is coming out soon! If you like smooth R&B slow jam, you might like Welcome cos as Jay Park said, it's a baby making song lol. Try and give JOAH a listen cos you might like it...or not but if you ask me, I friggin' love it! Jay Park might not be as big as Michael Jackson but he works hard and he gives his fans good music. So, mad respect for him <3

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