Wednesday, April 24, 2013


It seems like I don't even have the time to feel the post-holiday blues because I came back to work immediately on Monday since there are tons of work (well, more like tons of paperwork) that I need to deal with in the office. After 9 fantastic days in Korea, my holidays have come to an end...and I'm kinda bummed about it because I still wish I can just go wandering around Seoul and visit more coffee shops but you know that good things must come to an end right? I shall resume to work hard in order to play hard again haha. Not sure if there's gonna be another travel trip again for me this year...well, there's Manila but I might not be going there after all *sigh* On other note, I am heading back to KK next week!!! The main reason why I decided to head home in this super short trip is to exercise my right to vote for the upcoming GE13 and of course to spend time (albeit a short one) with my fam and besties because I miss them.

Anyway, the day I arrived in KL (last Sunday), I was greeted with a massive nose bleed came out through my nostrils out of a sudden! I was pretty surprised because it's really rare for me to get nose bleed that easily but I guess the sudden change of weather, from cold (in Korea) to hot (in Malaysia) has led me to get one. Yesterday morning when I woke up to brush my teeth, to my horror I had another nose bleed attack again! It was also the same, the blood flows like a river from my nostrils. It got me thinking whether the second time I got this nose bleed was because I was watching Jay Park's new MV teaser, Welcome (he was taking his top off) or maybe I was watching The Avengers because there were a lot of hunk men in the movie the night before lol~ But I doubt that was the reason cos I think my body was still probably adapting the sudden change of weather. My solution was  to drink this super bitter Chinese herbal tea in the hopes that the heat in my body might cool down soon and oh, I gotta lay low on my coffee consumption too since I've been drinking it almost everyday while I was in Seoul :P

Well, since I am back I should really put more effort in blogging...I dunno what happened because I used to post like at least 10 entries in a month but now, to even post 5 entries seem so hard. Maybe I've lost that blogging interest? Or maybe my friends seem to be able to write such good stuff in their blog that I felt somewhat pressured hence I don't even dare to do an update hahaha. Whatever it is, I'll try my very best  to update regularly but I can't promise that my blog entires might be a mind blowing one lol. It's probably gonna be those what I did daily kinda post. But for now, I wanna share about my travel experience in Korea and it'll be divided into different posts so come back and check from time to time yeah?

It's spring season in Korea at the moment but one thing you must need to know is that the weather in Korea is WEIRD. It can be all sunny and nice during the daytime but when evening arrives, the temperature might drop drastically and out of the sudden, it gets cold. But I was lucky enough to be able to witness the blooming of cherry blossoms while I was in Seoul. It was...beautiful! I mean I've seen cherry blossom trees before but I've never seen a whole row of cherry blossoms in the same place so it was a pretty good experience for me. One of the best thing I did while I was in Seoul was to ride a bicycle at Yeouido Park to see all the cherry blossom blooming around the park and also rode along the Han river. Such an awesome feeling because I haven't rode a bicycle in a REAL long time and having the chance to do so during this spring season was good :) 

There were also a lot of cherry blossoms when I visited Gyeongbokung Palace, which is only about 20 minutes walk from the place I stay. I've been doing a hell lot of walking and taking the subway train all day everyday in Seoul. Not that I mind, I love it! Except for the rush hour in the subway. Staying in KL has trained me to walk like men or maybe I just  have strong Kadazan calves haha. More updates soon!

Cherry blossoms at Yeouido Park.
Most fun thing that I did in Seoul was to go for a bike ride! LOVE it!
Spotted cherry blossoms during my visit to Gyeongbokgung Palace.
Evening view of a street filled with cherry blossoms.

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