Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Easter Twenty Thirteen

Just like last year, I knew Holy Week is gonna stress me out because the fact that I have to rush and head over to the Church right after work. It doesn't make it better when I have to endure the traffic jam and being squished with random people inside the bus. I actually broke down and cried about it last year (wtf so childish) but this year, I was A-OK and didn't cry at all. I shouldn't complain too much about this to be honest because I really don't see the point of doing so plus, complaining about me going to attend the Holy Week mass is just not right. I missed the Holy Thursday mass....not because I didn't want to go but due to the fact that I didn't want to take the risk to take a bus at night cos you know, I gotta think of my own safety as well. There are people who's gonna judge and probably make me feel like I am a bad sinner and will go straight to hell. But if you're those who understands and won't judge, then I am thankful for that.

I felt like while attending the Holy Week masses last week, it brought a lot of significant to me and also reminded me so much of home. I think it was because I was all by myself attending the masses here and somehow I was recalling the time when my mum was baptised as a catholic and I received the sacrament of confirmation. I still think it's quite unfair that my mum doesn't allow me to have another 'name' for confirmation (had to use my middle name) whereas my brother was allowed to have a new confirmation name. I guess my mum was favouring her first born at that time pffft. I'm kidding. It's not a big deal anyway. But yeah, attending the Easter Vigil mass last week was something special because I managed to witness people being baptised and in a way being given a new life as a Catholic. I am proud of my mum whom eversince she was baptised years ago, can still keep her faith strong until this day. That is definitely one of the things that I looked up on her :) 

Anyway, I want to wish everyone a Blessed Easter! It's been too long since I painted Easter eggs and exchange it with friends. Used to do that back in the days...maybe I shall do it again next year. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter celebration with your loved ones. I couldn't celebrate it with my family of course but thankfully I've still got my cousins around so I did managed to get some Easter family love hehe. On the other note, it is already the month of April! It's definitely gonna be a busy month for me with more work to do, things to prepare for the coming semester, design week event and well, basically more and more work to come. Not gonna complain again because Immah stick to my 'work hard, play hard & go hard' motto and just do it! One thing that I am looking forward at the moment is that my self-funded travel adventure is happening REAL soon. In 9 days I am going to Seoul, Korea! I can't believe it but hell yeah it's gonna happen haha. But in the meantime, I gotta work my ass off for 9 days before I can have the chance to reward and enjoy myself. Here's also wishing everyone a good and awesome month.

P/S: Recently my cheapo Nokia phone got drowned inside the washing machine together with my clothes due to my own carelessness and I thought that's the end of it. My mum called me up on Easter Sunday and was surprised when I told her I'm still using my Nokia phone. I told her that just like Jesus, my phone has resurrected from the death after being cleansed inside the washing machine hahahaha. That was lame but yeah, my phone's working fine now. The moral of this story is: Old Nokia phone is still super tahan lasak :D

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