Friday, April 12, 2013

Seoul bound

I am officially done with all my classes and the semester break is finally here! My students submitted their final project yesterday and to be honest, the outcome was...errr not exactly 'there' yet. There's only one student who managed to get the best grade and...that was it. I was a pretty angry when only half of my students turned up to class yesterday but I didn't throw any F-bombs or flip any tables, instead I took a deep breath and went back to my office calmly after collecting their project. Grading their project didn't actually went well either but, I shall not complain anymore because it'll make me more pissed thinking about it. Just hope they'll do better in the next semester and not to make other lecturers' life miserable haha.

Anyway, since the semester break has arrived, my travel adventure will begin today too. Actually, after hearing/reading all the news regarding on the North Korea situation, my excitement to go to Seoul at the moment kinda slowly dying down. My mum has been calling me everyday to update me with N. Korea news and I somehow feel like she doesn't even want me to travel to Seoul at all! Not that I blame her because I know she's worried and all...that's what mothers do. But it's hard to even predict what will happen now. Plus I've bought the air ticket early this year and so far, I've heard nothing from AirAsia about flight cancellation (let's hope it will not get cancelled). So at the moment, I am just gonna pray that my colleagues and I are gonna be safe once we are there and also I'm hoping nothing 'tragic' will happen to us (TOUCHWORD). Please do pray for me too :) Ivan said that I gotta fight for my men when I'm in Seoul hahaha. *kidding* 

But yeah, I really hope everything's okay over there. On the other note, I'll still be able to blog in Seoul since I've decided to bring my macbook along so, I'll try to do an update or two over here. You can also check my twitter or instagram...I'll try to update it whenever I can find places with wifi around :) 

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Ivan Ho said...

Who wrote that huh ??? the message was so impact.. u can apply to your real life. haha