Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Whuddup Seoul

Annyeonghaseyo! Greetings from Seoul! As much as I am able to go online here, I seem to can't find a time to really sit down and blog. But here I am now sitting here in this mini table in the kitchen sparing my time to write a post at 1:27am. The weather is Seoul is still cold but it's not THAT cold to the extend that I had to wear a winter jacket, you know the bubble type one that will make you look like a Michelin mascot haha. The day we arrived Seoul, the weather was fantastic as it was not so cold and not too hot. But yesterday, while walking around Myeondong, suddenly it was super cold!

I am enjoying Seoul so far...I am liking the whole atmosphere here and with 5 more days left, I'll try to enjoy my travel adventure as much as I can before reality hits back :) Some of the things I noticed while in Seoul:
- The men and women here can dress up SOOOO well. Like everywhere I go, everyone seems to wear really nice clothes. It's inspiring but then I somehow felt like crap because when I go out, I'm only clad in sweater, jeans and a pair of chucks while the Koreans are wearing coats, suits, dresses, boots and oh, the very IN trend for women here is parka jacket.

- The food is the bomb! I am loving Korean food at the moment though I knew I'm gaining weight day by day fml.

- The subway train here is super systematic.

- There are soooo many cosmetic/beauty shops here...it seems like a beauty heaven for them.

- There are also so many cafes around because there's a strong coffee culture here

I'll blog more if I can...and will definitely post more photos soon. I think I should hit the sack now but you can follow my twitter/instagram for updates :)

What a warm welcome from these boys! <3<3
I just had to you know...cos I'm a BIGBANG fan haha.

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