Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Coffee time in Seoul

I don't normally take leave from work unless I am travelling or going back home. It's usually working all day, everyday for me here but since I have 4 extra leaves to clear before it gets forfeited, I decided to take two days off from work on Monday and Tuesday. Today is Labour Day so basically I've got 3 days off from work! But then I came to realise that, not being at work can be a little boring...I totally felt like I've no idea how to spend the rest of my off days. Maybe because I am so used to working and being surrounded by my workmates hence I am not used to staying at home on weekdays without doing something productive. But to have off day(s) from work is not entirely just gotta find things to do so that your day will be fulfilled and not wasted. The first two days during my leave,  I made a visit to the income tax office, finished reading a book and did some revision on Adobe InDesign so...I guess I didn't really waste my off days heh. It's only today that I woke up at noon (yikes!) because I was out till late the night before and decided to sleep in without turning on my alarm. I'll be going to work tomorrow but I'll be on leave again on Friday since I am flying back to KK! I'm very excited to go back but my trip is TOO short! Well, I can't complain much instead Imma try to spend time with my fam and cuzzies over there because starting next week, I'll be hustlin' all day, errday again haha. 

I can't believe it's already MAY! Like seriously, I haven't really savour the month of April yet and now it's already a brand new month? Actually, I've got TONS of things in my mind right now and I've also been overthinking on a lot of stuff to the point that my mind can't even shut down when it is time for me to sleep. I gotta learn to take one step at a time and not let the people/things that are around me influence all my crazy thoughts. But it's just so hard... *sigh* Anyway, let's not talk about that for a moment and I shall continue posting on my Korea trip. Today's edition of my Korea trip will be about cafés. Thinking about cafes, it totally brings me to this song by BIGBANG called Café :) It's a nice song cos T.O.P's voice is like super deep and combined with GD's falsetto = AWESOME!

There's a strong cafe culture in Seoul, just like when I visited Melbourne last year. Everybody seems to love coffee a lot and when you visit Seoul, you can find cafes everywhere you go from franchise cafes like Cafe Bene, Hollys, Twosome and also a lot of indie cafes as well. I made a point to visit some of the cafes in Seoul since I friggin' love coffee and my colleague (who travelled with me) also suggested that we should take our time to visit the cafés while we are there as well. Thankfully she's also a coffee lover like me :D Most of the franchise cafés here are quite big and has two floors to accomodate more people.  The interiors are very nice too and if you observe the indie cafes, the interiors can be one of a kind and more different compared to the franchise cafés. I kinda wondered how these indie cafés can survive though since there are so many cafe competitors out there. I didn't managed to go and visit a lot of cafes to be honest...most of the time I just passed by the cafés but didn't went in and tried their coffee. But among all the coffees I had in Seoul, I would say I love the Vanilla Latte in Cafe Bene the best. The taste is just right and smooth. Oh, the hot cocoa in Lotteria tasted good as well! 

By now, you should know that I always favour coffee over beer/liquor hehe. I mean it's not like I don't like alcohol but I guess coffee clicks with me better which is why I won't say no when my friends ask me for coffee session...but I don't really get much chance to have coffee session these days but in a way it's a good thing too because I can save up money plus too much coffee is not exactly good right? I think it must be one of the reasons why I had nose bleed when I arrived back from Seoul. The next time I visit Seoul, I'd definitely want to venture to more of the indie coffee shops especially those in Hongdae and see what each of the cafés can offer :) Well, enjoy the photos! I'll see if I can find the time to blog while I'm in KK :D

Left: Hot Cocoa from Lotteria & Vanilla Latte from Caffe Bene
Right: Latte from Paris Baguette, Vanilla Latte from Twosome+ Coffee & Latte from Dunkin' Donuts. 
Caffe Bene, located in Cheonggyecheon. You can find this café in almost every part of Seoul.

Twosome+ Coffee with Choi Siwon (Super Junior). Located in Myeongdong.

You'll be greeted with a huge poster of Mr. Choi haha~
He's really good looking but I'm super biased over this other Mr. Choi. I actually
was looking for Teddy's Twosome Coffee but I can't find it!
Hello Kitty Café spotted in Hongdae. Didn't managed to go in though.
Indie cafe in Samcheongdong. It looks so cosy.
Hongdae has A LOT of indie cafes. This street is filled with tons of 'em!

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