Tuesday, May 14, 2013

GE aftermath

The day I arrived KL, my heart and mind felt so unsettled...I guess it's because it was such 'rush hour' for  me since the time I woke up vote. I didn't get the chance to say goodbye to my cousins and even my dad ( who suddenly disappeared right after I reached home from voting pfft). Had to rush to the airport since my mum had to catch a flight to Tawau and I had to catch a flight back to KL an hour after her. That feeling was just...I don't know how to explain it. You're in two different places at the same day so you just don't know how to settle down yet. Even when I reached KL, my heart and mind was still in KK and that kind of feeling is just...confuses me and I felt like I just wanted to sit still and not to speak with anyone at the moment haha. The reason I had to rush back to KL was also to catch Andrea Bocelli's concert which was held on the very same day where the GE13 is going on. But because of the 'unsettled' feelings that was crowding in my mind, I don't even know how to react when I saw Andrea Bocelli making his appearance on stage. But, he was amazing...like he can be one of the singers that can blow your mind, seriously. But again, it was pretty hard to be in the zone during the concert as my mind will start wondering around so I had to use my entire force to focus on Bocelli and be amazed by his voice :) That's probably the reason why I kept quiet most of the time too. 

Anyway, the GE is over and done, but truth to be told the result was not what I expected to be and that's where I truly realised that the politics here are played dirty. Really dirty. It feels like the effort on people participating in Bersih rally in the hopes of a good clean election was a waste because at the end  of the day, people are still playing dirty and the corruption still goes on. Then, the news went crazier the next day when the Chinese were blamed hence the 'Chinese Tsunami' happened. How can the Chinese not hate this sort of statement right? Even I was pissed at this. I've mentioned that I don't talk politics here in my blog and I may not look like the most patriotic Malaysian but I do want a change, especially when there's so much corruption going on and when I personally felt that I am not truly satisfied with the current government who's governing the country. I believe a lot of us wanted to see a difference and most importantly to see that this 13th GE is gonna good and most importantly, clean.

We can't give up just yet. If we know what we need to fight for, then we should continue fighting...I mean Rome wasn't built in a day right? Let's just hope and pray that eventually we will see changes...it might be really slow but you never know what's gonna happen next. The Blackout rally held recently in Kelana Jaya Stadium did proved that a lot of Malaysians wanted to change and are united to make the change.  Kudos for those who attended...I wasn't one of them since I really had to do some work at home at that time hehe~

As for my hometown Penampang, I am hoping for the best as well. I believe a change in Penampang is good albeit there are still people who probably don't like it. But...let's just see how it goes. It might be a good thing, it might probably not. In my opinion, if we don't let the new 'people' a chance, we might not be able to see any changes. The newly elected MP need to stay strong and work hard. I know that I have families involved in both side of the parties, but I gotta know how to separate family and politics. Plus as an individual, I also need to know where I stand and who should I vote for at the end of the day. After this GE is over, my family is still important to me. So it's all good yeah? Just wanted to convey my best wishes to the newly elected Penampang MP Darell Leiking, I hope you'll do your best. It seems like when he won in Penampang, everyone's claiming that they are related to him haha...I guess I should join the bandwagon as well. But if you look at my family tree, I am related to him...first cousin to be exact :D


Ivan Ho said...

the 2nd paragraph from the end was kind of good.

Darell L said...

Thanks Cuzz., I really like your Blogs....and happy Chinese New Year...Meg said she met you today...cheers