Saturday, May 04, 2013

The time is now

In case you don't already know, tomorrow is the day where the General Election will be going on. Malaysians, including yours truly will go and cast their votes and after that...we will just see how it goes. I am a first time voter and I know I don't talk much regarding politics in my blog, but it doesn't mean that I am ignorant of the things that has been happening in my country. So I am glad that I'm able to go back to my hometown and exercise my right to vote here. I can feel the Penampang spirit  where the kampung people are participating all the campaigns on the party that they are rooting for. It's just great to see this kind of 'motivating spirit'. Looking at the posters, flags and banners that are placed everywhere made me felt like..."THIS IS IT! It's time!" I told my mom that I gotta help and fight for the people in Penampang haha. Anyway, whichever party you choose to vote, I am hoping it will be the wise and best choice for you. May the force be with all of us and may God bless our country for a good and clean election tomorrow. Keep calm and vote on! Penampang here we go!

Happening in my kampung last night and today.


Ivan Ho said...

GOOD post at the right time !!!

Vivien Dumpangol said...

haha...this post is super short. but thanks!