Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's 3am I must be lonely

3am situation. Finally finished doing my revision & InDesign practice.
From Monday straight up to yesterday night, I've been continuing my work at home and have been sleeping no less than 5 hours everyday. To be honest I felt like working late is definitely taking a toll in my life, no kidding. It's not like I am extremely hardworking, because I can be really lazy if I want to but I felt like it's not the right time to be a lazy arse at the moment hence the reason why I've been hustlin' everyday. Been using the word (hustlin') a lot lately...I am trying to re-connect back to my inner hiphop spirit these days FYI lol. Anyway, yeah work's been a little crazy lately and even though my classes are quite flexible this semester, the amount of time that I need just to prepare things for each class have been insane. Not forgetting InDesign class too! It is also part of the reason why I had to stay up late and do my revision in order to conduct the class. This 'burning the midnight oil' thing is just like how I was when I was in grad school. Staying in the lab till the wee hours and then wake up for the 8am class the next day. The only difference was I've got friends to stay in the lab with me whereas when I am in my room, I am totally alone and well, it's not that fun :P

On the positive note, today it seems like my confidence level is a little better during my InDesign class. At least I knew the things that I wanted to say to the students and managed to deliver the lesson better compared to the previous lessons. I guess doing my revision till 3am last night did paid off. It feels rewarding actually but I still got tons of stuff to learn on InDesign software, doing my revision every week doesn't mean I am on pro level yet but I shall keep learning this! Can't give up just yet :D But there's also a downside for always working late and I always get to feel it the next day at work. My entire body felt so damn tired, my back hurts like crazy and my head feels like it's gonna explode any time soon. Plus, pimples will start popping out on my face and that's just...bad. I told my students today that if you're at the age where you know that you're not exactly that young anymore, then you should take good care of your health and get enough sleep as much as possible because you know once you get older, your health gets more fragile. If you don't take care of it, it'll just break into pieces. But then, I can only say but yet, I still don't take good care of my health well and still choose to stay up late and sacrificing my sleeping time. Ahhh...story of my life heheh.

So glad that the weekend is almost near! I am not gonna do any work at home today and reward myself to watch re-runs of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and some other TV sitcoms. Just gotta sit back and relax. I totally collapsed on my bed and slept for 3 hours when I reached home from work. Well, I hope you had a better week than me though hehe....I can relax for a while now but next week is gonna be another same cycle that I need to go through *sigh* bestie is coming over next weekend so I'm really looking forward to it and G-Dragon's concert as well!

P/S: Despite being super tired at work today, my Certificate course students made my day because the outcome of their assignment that I asked them to do was pretty good. I'm very proud of their effort and it really made my day so much better :) Again, at the end of the day, there's always something to be thankful for and I gotta say Amen to that! Lol.

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