Friday, June 07, 2013

Life in an insta

Everytime I am done with my last class of the week, I feel so relieved and glad that I can finally have a rest...though not so much but still knowing that I am done with all my classes for the week feels good :D  This semester my classes are quite flexible but because I am handling one new subject which is Adobe InDesign, I have to do my revision every single week since I haven't been using that particular software for quite sometime. Plus, I've never got the chance to learn the software when I was still a student. I had a quick crash course from my Publication lecturer back in WSD, and then the rest of the time was mostly looking at tutorials and books. So handling this subject is quite stressful because I really need to spend hours practicing and understand the software before I do my lecture. Tough shit man lol. I think I've probably been dedicating a lot of my time in work for the past month and I don't seem to be able to spend time with my cousins lately. But we FINALLY took the time to meet up for dinner last weekend, when Mierah was in town and as always, tons laughters erupted when we're in the same place haha.

I feel like I am swamped with work everyday and I felt bad for abandoning this blog and not being able to update it like how I used to. I've also said that I tend to make my own life difficult by pressuring myself to write/post better stuff when in truth, I know that there is no need to...I mean it is my blog after all. But yeah, I've been reading blogs written by my friends and they are able to write stuff with lots of feelings you know...and I just can't. But I'm not gonna think about it right now because it's Friday and I deserve to be happy that weekend's here hahah. Actually I have to work tomorrow and grade heaps of assignments by my students. Imma share some instagram photos since I haven't been posting any random instagram photos here for a while. Will really try to update more this month!

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Have a good weekend everyone!

1. Very rare selfie photo 2. My cousins and I having dinner at Boston, Serdang last week (not in picture: Adrian)
3. White girls sun-bathing in the afternoon at Tg Aru beach 4. GD is coming again!!! Gonna attend his
concert on the 22nd! 5. Sunrise at 7am 6. On the way home from work and the sun's setting off
7. Hand painted Sailor Man bookmark done by my Indo student 8. Bought another bookmark and this
time I chose the butcher man 9. What I Wore Today on June 5th 2013
10. Random lettering practice 11. Frankenstein socks that I got from Seoul
12. Bart Simpson socks also from Korea :) 

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