Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Of Father's Day and The Man Of Steel

Excuse this 5 years old kid drawing haha. It was a quick doodle.
It was Father's Day last Sunday and actually I *almost* broke down again while attending last Sunday's mass in church. When the priest asked all the fathers to stand in front of the altar for a special Father's Day blessing, my eyes started to get watery and my heart just felt so...I dunno, like there's a longing feeling inside of me haha. Excuse me for being sentimental or emo but I have been feeling a little homesick since last month and seeing all the fathers standing in front of me just made me want to cry. Sometimes I really do yearn the time when I am able to bring my parents out for a meal or something, but it seems like it's gonna happen anytime soon *sigh* There were also times when I just felt like leaving and just go back home for good because everything might be easier being at home but there's still some unfinished business here so I just can't give up, just yet. So as much as I get homesick while I am here, but just as what my colleague always told me, I just gotta suck it up and keep going. Damn this stress. It messes up with my mind so much I think Imma go cray soon!

Speaking of stress, I kinda threw a hissy fit over my friend just because he went to watch Man Of Steel without me. Come to think of it, it was a really stupid thing to pull that shit on my friend because he did nothing wrong and if he wanted to watch the movie first, why should I stop him right? Like I said, it was my stress acting up on me and because work's been so crazy the entire week, I really wanted to do something that can relieve the stress hence the reason why watching a movie came to my mind. Plus, I really thought we were like 'movie buddies' now and he was the person that I was kinda looking forward to watch a superhero movie with (since we did watched Iron Man 3 together)...but I guess I wrong. Anyway, I apologise for the immature drama-rama on Saturday night. I did not mean any harm haha, I totally blame the stress. Anyway, I managed to watch Man Of Steel on Sunday afternoon after Sunday's mass. For me it was the perfect day to watch the since it was Father's Day as well. If you don't already know, Spiderman is my superhero bias but I think I remembered when I was younger my brother told me  that Superman was THE most powerful superhero. Even Hulk and Thor can't beat him haha. I was a little skeptical when I first watch the teaser trailer for this reboot of Superman since the entire mood of the teaser looks somehow gloomy and everything looks so monotone. Then my colleague told me that Man Of Steel was produced by Christopher Nolan and then I was like, "Ah...no wonder," For me, Man Of Steel is a movie where you don't only watch it for the hunk man but the father and son relationship that you can see in the movie is one of the magical element in this movie.

You'll see how the two fathers, Jor-El and Jonathan Kent played such important roles in Clark Kent's life and how all their wise words were able to lived up by him. I like the calmness of Jor-El  (played by Russel Crowe) especially the part when Clark Kent met him for the first time. The way he explained everything to him was full of patience and kindness. Not hatred at all. I guess he learned to understand the human emotion even though he's been living in Krypton the whole life. Jonathan Kent (played by Kevin Costner) was actually my favourite 'father' I guess because he's human LOL. Well, I liked all the advices that he gave to his son, how he never gets angry of Clark but instead gave encouragement to him so that he can be a better person because he knew that there will be a burden that his son will carry when he is ready. Definitely a good example of a fatherly love. I know some of us will say that our dad is our superhero...well, I like to think otherwise cos the real superhero in my family should be my mum. My dad hasn't exactly been great in playing the father role but I kinda understood the reason why. My mum once said that my dad's dad (my grandfather) passed away when my dad was only 2 years old. He didn't have a father figure to look up to while growing up so that might be the reason. But because I am not a teen anymore, I've grown up and learned to forgive and accept. After all, there's only one dad in my life and I still need to accept him whether I like it or not hehe.

I think the thing that I find a little lacking in the movie was that Superman doesn't really have that much dialogue. Like I wanted to hear him talk more but he didn't really do that much of talking really. The action scene was pretty superb because Superman's flying was in turbo speed and was able to crash a lot of buildings in few seconds. But I do find the fighting scene was a bit long though. Overall, it was a good movie! This reboot version deserve my two thumbs up and I do think that this is a great father-son movie too. On the other note, though both Clark Kent's father played a major role in this movie, his mother, Martha Kent was brilliant too. She's a loving mother who gave good life lessons for her son. I loved the part when she told Clark Kent to make the world small when he told her how the world seems too big for him. I think we can relate on this as well. I do felt like ever since I came to KL, my stress multiplied like 100 times but there are times that I gotta learn to handle it in a better way.

P/S: From a woman's point of view, Henry Cavill is so perfect for this Superman man role. Can't deny he is uber hot! I mean I knew he looked very handsome when I watch him in Immortals, but as Superman...the level of hotness is on maximum level hahaha. Not that I am fangirling or anything but, yeah he deserve two thumbs up from me too. Plus, I think he is really suitable to play the role of Christian Grey from the book, 50 Shades of Grey (yes, I've read the book :P). It is either him or Matt Bomer :D


Ivan Ho said...

wah.. picture shows that u very love superman movie.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

your uncle stark's drawing much better la...