Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Pure love

Two weekends ago, I got the privilege to attend Alison (Ivan's sister) and Joe's wedding here in KL. Remember the Tawau wedding reception that I went in February? The reception was for the bride's side while here in KL is basically for the groom's side. Anyway, I was requested to do the reading during the Holy Matrimony ceremony in St. Thomas More Church. To be honest, I did not expect that I was asked to do this favour because initially I thought the person who's gonna go the reading was either one of Alison's siblings or  one of her relatives and I am just...a friend, that's all. But of course I said yes since she is probably counting on me to do it. So after that, I started to practice my reading almost everyday at home cos I wanted to give my best. I have probably read the  bible verse like 50 times? Just to get every pronunciation correct and clear. It was also my first time to do a reading in a church so you would understand the reason why I had to practice my reading over and over again right?

Well, I *think* I did pretty well, despite being a little nervous and my hands were shaking the entire time...I didn't screw up my reading and delivered it well (I think so, haha). It was a good experiene I might say :) On the other hand, I also helped out to do some wedding designs...which I still wish I could have done a better job on it *sigh* but it's alright. I mean, I love doing wedding stuff but when I put to much expectation in myself in order to create a good work, that's where the problem always is. The church ceremony was good and a heartfelt one. I almost got tears in my eyes when I saw the bride and groom hugging their parents after they had completed the 'rite of marriage'. I guess it's that feeling when your parents are finally letting you go to be with your husband/wife and become one. You can feel happy and yet sad about it because you know that it is time to start another chapter in life. Just like the bible says: 'A man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.' Excuse me for being cheesy haha.

If you were to ask me how did I find the entire wedding and reception goes, I honestly felt there's real love between the bride and groom because the effort that the both of them did for their wedding was purely done with love. I'm not just saying it to make a good impression to the both of them but that was how I felt on the wedding. It's different from what I felt when I attended Eve's wedding back in January...which reminds me, I haven't even blogged about it! For sure there's love between Eve and Jo but I think that both of them wanted everyone to have fun with them hence the reason why they wanted an opening performance and also there were tons of dancing and drinking that night. For Alison and Joe's, it felt more the both of them wanted people to experience the love that they have for each other as in just the two of them. There was no live band or major performance. But what's more impressive was when the bride personally sang Shania Twain's From This Moment during the second entrance to the restaurant. I thought that was a great effort done by the bride and also a very sincere thing to do for her husband and also to her family and friends who were there that night. Like I said earlier, there's pure love between the bride and the groom that day.

It was a beautiful wedding indeed, I went home feeling all warm and fuzzy...well, not exactly fuzzy but there's definitely a warm feeling there. I guess it was probably seeing both Alison and Joe's family coming together to celebrate their special day and that singing performance totally put a smile on my face. Weddings can be beautiful and can be a memorable one too. It just depends on how can the bride and the groom make it memorable to everyone. It can really fun, with all the singing and dancing or it can be more intimate and personal. Alison and Joe managed to deliver this very well so thumbs up for them! My future wedding will be...err, I don't know yet. Probably a mixture of fun and intimate, maybe? Time will tell haha. Anyway,  thank you Alison and Joe for including me in your special day. God bless the both of you always in this new chapter in life :D

P/S: Should've taken more photos during the wedding pffft.

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