Sunday, July 14, 2013

The good ones die young

Rest in Peace, Yiu Bs. My student with a creative soul. You will be missed.
They say "the good ones die young" and I couldn't agree more. No, I'm not gonna talk about Cory Monteith though his death came in a shock to me too since I was a huge fan of Glee. But this particular person is my student who got into a car accident and passed away today. When I received the news from my ex-housemate, I was in a daze since I just woke up from my nap. Then I saw students flooding his Facebook wall, sending their condolences and well wishes to him. That's when I realised that shit just got real. It felt so hard to believe the news because I have just met him last night during the graduation day. He was there to receive his achievement award on a competition that he joined not too long ago. When he came over to where I sat, I was asking how he was doing and he was updating me with bits and pieces of things that has been going on with his life. He mentioned that he was gonna start his internship in Singapore next week and he wanted to find Loong (my ex-housemate) when he's there. He told me how his project partner (also my student) totally forgot that they had to attend this graduation day to receive their award. I never knew that would be my last time seeing him and for someone who has so many dreams that has yet to fulfill, I honestly am devastated that he will not be able to show his creative mind to the world anymore. I kept replaying the things that we talked about last night and I am still in utter shock. I mean, I just talked to him last night and it was so nice that I got to catch up with him. But next thing I knew...

When I coincidentally met you in KK that you have plans to further your studies in Central St. Martins and I encouraged you to go for it and you also did mentioned how you have a big interest in going into the fashion industry as well. It was good to know that you have the passion and you have dreams that you wanted to achieve and I was looking forward to see you go further with the dreams that you have. But I do know that as human, we can only plan...everything that is gonna happen is in God's hands. I don't know why God have to take you away this early though. It's hard for me to explain how I felt about this since this is my first experience having to know that a student of mine had passed away and the fact that this student was someone that I could click with and hung out with before. I can't even find any possible reason why you had to leave so early and in a tragic way somemore. It was hard to accept it.

Yiu Bs, I am blessed to have met a student like you. When you were in my CG class back in 2009, you were dating one of the girl in the class and I always gave you a disapproving look cos I wasn't so keen to see my student having a relationship with their classmates that early haha. But when you submitted your final project (which I still keep it till now) I was impressed by your art and design sense and I told myself that, this student will have a lot more great works in the coming semester and I was right. From then on, everytime I bumped into you in college, you always took the time to say 'hi' to me even if it was a brief moment.  It's a waste since I am not going to see your artworks in the future anymore. But I hope you will do just fine up there. It's crazy how our life can turn out to be. It's like today, everything was going on fine and the next thing you know, a tornado comes and hit into your face big time. On inevitable things like this, we can only leave it to God.

The time that I met you in Starbucks City Mall during CNY was such a surprise and without knowing it, I introduced you to my friends and we all decided to go to Sunset bar to catch the sunset while having a few drinks. I believe it was also God's arrangement for us to meet and hangout together on that day and because of this 'arrangement', a memory was created and it will be cherished for a long time. Rest in peace, Yiu Bs. A student with a creative soul. It felt so surreal,'re such a young and healthy lad, I really wished you are still here you know. Be good up there. My prayers are with you and your family :)

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