Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Random happenings

Some random happenings this month :)

L-R: Me, Amil, Zahariz, Raden, Tiff, Dee, Diana
(photos courtesy of Dee Dee)
The second day of Raya, I managed to meet up with my WSD friends after sooooo long. It's really been too long. Must've been two years since I last met them. So it was really good to be able to catch up with them again over lunch and coffee. Bangsar is not a place that I frequently go to since it is an 'atas' place  but for my friends, I'll make an exception :) It felt like there's so many things to talk about that we actually ended having dinner together too. Well, I'm glad that everyone's been doing good so far...Raden, Dee and Tiffany are in the education line like myself, while Zahariz, he's now dubbed as the Malaysian Nomad as he is attempting to cycle around the globe. Read his blog here. You will be amazed by his wonderful photos thorughout his journey. I don't get to see these bunch of friends very often as we're busy with our own thing but yes, I do hope I'll get the chance to meet up with them again soon!

A week before Raya, I attended the students graduation exhibition of batch 1008. The name of this grad exhibition is called 'Revolt' and in my opinion, this was by far the most well executed exhibition that I've seen. From the logo, collateral and also the exhibition set up itself. So, good job guys! Seeing them finishing their 3 years of studies here really does make me feel old *sigh*

This is the result when everyone wanted to be in one picture lol.

On the other note, my journey towards getting 'em braces is currently on track. I just need to be mentally and psychically prepared for the pain that I am gonna experience when I finally get the braces on. Again, I know I should've done it back when I was in high school or college but I didn't. Hence, I am doing it now when I am so close to being 30 pffft. But yeah, better late than never right? Nobody's pressuring me to do it but I had to in order to save my teeth from getting more cavity in the future. So, wish me luck on this :) 6 more days till I can be home in Penampang! 

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