Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Where did the time go?

Wow...my inconsistency in updating my blog is getting a lot worse, I don't even know why. To say that I am extremely busy...well, I am still able to cope and handle work stuff but yeah, things had happened and for some reason, I felt more reserved on the things that I wanted to share now. Anyway, it is already coming to mid-August now. Dayummm where did the time go huh? It is currently the beginning of semester break for the students and I couldn't felt more happier :) As per usual, I've got my gradings to do and once I am done with that I need to start preparing stuff for the coming semester which to be honest makes me a little worried at the moment seeing that I'll be handling random subjects next semester. Just crossing my fingers that I'll be able to manage my time properly in the coming 3 weeks. 

On the other note, I've been good so far, at least I think so haha. Had my fair share of hanging out with friends (my colleagues mostly) and also getting some family love with my cousins. Watched a couple of movies, went shopping (something that I don't do that often), read my books and not forgetting celebrating the Raya long weekend as well. I managed to meet up with my Wanganui buddies over the weekend and it felt so good to see them again after a long while. When I say long, I meant like about 2 years long. Will blog about it soon-ish, depends on my time hehe. So, I would say things has been pretty okay so far.

Well, the next couple of weeks will be a busy one for me but the good news is, I am going back to KK at the end of the month, just for a couple of days so I am really looking forward to that. It has come to a time where I need to disappear from this concrete jungle for a while and breathe the air over at the east side. I think I need a good boost up so that I may update this blog regularly like I used to and not to abandon it once shit happens. Believe me, I've got tons of stuff to blog about fyi. Let's just hope I can keep my promise this time heh. I shall leave you guys with a photo of me and my students for now. To be honest, it's really rare for me to post photos of my students in my blog cos...I don't actually want them to know that this blog exist but I'll give this one an exception :) These are my Certificate program students and they are by far the most hardworking students in this semester. I remembered I told them that they always make me happy because I can see that they put EFFORT in  all their weekly assignments and produced good outcomes at the end. I've always mentioned to my students during the first week of class that, even if their art/drawing skills are not that top-notch but if they put effort to do their best in all their assignments, I would already be grateful and impressed. Some of the students are able to do it, some just couldn't which is why I personally felt that this semester has not been THAT great. But nevertheless, these bunch of students in this photo is a good example of knowing how to work hard and put effort in the things that they do...and I am proud of them. I hope my future students will be like them too...but we'll just have to wait and see right?

All the best guys! Can you spot a cute student there? HEHE (photo credit: Lucas)

P/S: I am gonna visit the dentist today to extract my tooth because guess what, I am gonna get them grillz on my teeth! Okay, braces to be exact. I know I should've done it a long time ago, but it's never too late man. Not sure how much pain will I endure later but I'm gonna try and be strong haha. I'm not scared of visiting the dentist anyway :D

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