Monday, September 23, 2013

3rd MTV World Stage

MTV World Stage happened two weekends ago and I know I did told myself that G-Dragon's concert would be my last concert for this year but...I managed to score free passes to MTV World Stage so...don't judge me lol. Anyway, yes I gotta thank my lucky angels because I know that I HARDLY could win any free stuffs these days -_- When the MTV World Stage roadshow was going on in Sunway Pyramid two weeks before the actual event, I decided to give it a go and just try my luck in winning 'em tickets. Last year, I was surrounded by so many Beliebers but this time around, I was surrounded by the 'Wolfs' (that's what the k-group EXO calls their fans). They 9the wolfs) were just so eager to win passes to see their idols but like I said, I thank my lucky angels for being at my side at that time. This year's lineup for MTV World Stage was pretty good since they invited Far East Movement and Robin Thicke to perform. I mean the Robin Thicke is coming down to KL! Been a fan of his music since I first heard his song 'Brand New Jones' thanks to my good friend from college. I kept telling people that he was such an underrated artiste here and the only radio stations that I ever heard his songs been played are Traxx and Capital FM. Of course when 'Blurred Lines' came out, everybody seems to know him now. I've always love his soulful voice especially when he sings his pure R&B songs like 'Lost Without You', 'The Sweetest Love', and even 'Sex Therapy'. 

I'm also a fan of Far East Movement since I first heard 'Like A G6' and I totally remembered a year ago when I was mugged on the way home, I have just bought their 'Dirty Bass' album and was looking forward to listen to it at home, but unfortunately...shit happens. *sigh* Oh and Kevnish, one of the lead rapper of the group is one fine looking Asian man haha. Well, this year  marks my 3rd year attending MTV World Stage and I couldn't be happier to have attended this concert with my cousins! I know with them, I could just go crazy without having them to give me any shifty eyes haha. I did had a good time...Joe Flizzow was the local act to perform this year and I also think that he was really 'dope' (gotta use some hiphop slang here lol). Far East Movement definitely knew how to make the crowd go hyper as their performance was super energetic. I really liked it. They're so muhfvkin ill! I love how all of them worked in sync in every song that they performed. When Robin Thicke came out, it kinda felt surreal to see him live in person haha cos I never really thought that he would come to Malaysia to perform but he did...thanks MTV Asia! I'm soooo glad that he did sang 'Lost Without You' that night. To be honest I don't really fancy the Blurred Lines video that much cos I kinda felt like there is no point putting half naked women in the vid but nevertheless, I still love his music :) As for EXO, well I only know a few of their songs and I actually liked 'Growl' too~ but I kinda felt like they didn't really gave it all during their performance...I dunno maybe it's because there were 12 of them on stage and it's kinda hard to focus on all of them at the same time. But I guess the Wolfs were happy to see them though haha. 

I shall look forward who MTV Asia are bringing for MTV World Stage 2014. I'm hoping a rock band or two? Just like the first ever MTV World Stage in 2008. I did enjoyed myself and I bet my cousins did too :)

Kevnish! I loveeee his rapping style :D
Mr. Robin Thicke!!!

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