Thursday, September 19, 2013

Aztec Owl #2

It was a long weekend last week and since I intend to stay at home because money's been tight these days, I decided to do something productive t home...hence another aztec owl painting. Poster colour has never really been my first choice of medium because you'll need a longer time if you want to make your colours solid. Plus the colours can dry up fast just like acrylic. It is a good skill practice but if I were to choose, my preferred medium choice will always be watercolour.

Maybe in the future, if I have a baby...this painting might be suitable to be in the nursery room haha. My future son/daughter might inherit my owl stuffs as well. Anyway, I seriously need to find the time to do more artsy stuff...keep giving so many excuses not to do it pffft.

P/S: I've decided to move some of my artworks from carbonmade to Tumblr now. Click on 'Artworks' on the right bar to view it :)

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