Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Get yo braces on

It has been a month since I started wearing braces and all I can say is...so far it's been A-OK for me. Yes, I KNOW I should've done it long time ago seeing how badly crooked my teeth is since high school but I never got the chance to do so...well, actually there were plenty of chances but it's just that I haven't gave a real serious thought about it. But this year, I experienced a revelation in my life lol hence I have finally decided to go and fix my teeth. One of the main reasons why I needed to get braces was also because my teeth tend to get a lot of cavities due to all my crooked teeth and because of this, I had to visit the dentist numerous times just to get it fix. Earlier this year I had to do another root canal treatment and boy the cost of it was...a lot. Anyway, the dentist did suggested me to get braces too since it'll be easier for me to take care of my teeth in the future so yeah, I finally convinced myself and just go for it!

My friends who have had braces before did helped me a lot; from telling me their experience, the foods that I should and shouldn't eat and also how to take care of the braces. Gotta thank them for sharing their experience to a braces noob like me. The first few days of having my braces on, I did felt really uncomfortable, like I felt really weird to have all the metals attached to my teeth. I didn't know how to bite stuff properly so I've been eating liquid meals everyday. It didn't really hurt so bad though. But I got used to it slowly and right now, having braces on my teeth feels okay. The only (minor) problems that I had to deal with now is that I can only bite foods using the back of my teeth since the first few front ones will hurt like a mother trucker if I were to try and use it. So I wouldn't wanna try to even do anything with my front teeth at the moment heh.

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My routine as of now is to clean and brush my teeth everyday after I have my meal. I bring a toothbrush and a proxabrush everywhere I go now. Never knew how essential those two things are until I got my braces on haha. They say you can also lose weight by getting braces because you can't really eat hard foods that much anymore...well, I do agree on that though I don't really see any changes in my weight though sheesh. But my colleagues had been telling me that my face has changed and it is slightly smaller now. They've been saying it constantly so I think my face did change? I'm not really sure but since my colleagues sees my almost everyday, I guess they can notice the difference better. But just to let you know that, I did not get braces in order to lose weight pffft...that'll be ridiculous. My teeth seriously needs to be fixed. In terms of the cost of getting braces, honestly it cost a bomb unless you wanna do it in government clinic then it'll be more affordable. I am grateful that the private clinic that I went and did my braces offered an installment plan or else, I'm not even sure if I could afford to pay since I am currently self-funding the bills which is why I might always be 'financially-tight' from now on *sigh* I worry about this a lot but yeah, gotta pray and ask God to always guide me through all these hard times :)

I'm psyched to see the outcome of my teeth once the braces are out...hopefully I may be able to get a good set of straight teeth and wouldn't be to self conscious like I was before. But as for now, Imma embrace this experience on having braces and if people say I look like a dork wearing it, well I'm just gonna imagine myself wearing grillz (like the hip hop rappers) in my head haha.

This is how I look like now...I still have to practice smiling with braces cos I still felt...I dunno...I'm not really a photogenic person and I hardly take selfies so yeah...still felt a little weird though.

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