Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Tamu day

My short holiday back to my hometown is over and now I am back to work again...yes, I always wished that I could spend longer time at home but you know I gotta do what I gotta do...earn and make a living haha. Anyway during my trip back, I managed to visit Tamu Donggongon and also helped...well, more like accompanied my mom selling our goods during Tamu Day. If you're from Penampang or KK, you would be familiar with the word, 'Tamu' but if you're not, 'Tamu' basically means open market where the local people (mostly Kadazandusun) come to sell their goods...mostly fresh goods like vegetables, fruits, meats and handicrafts as well. I haven't made a visit to the Tamu for quite a long time actually, eventhough I stay so near to Donggongon pffft. 

But as always, it's good to re-visit this place again and enjoy the whole atmosphere surrounded by the local people and wonderful goods they're selling. Of course not forgetting I wanted to also pay a visit to my mum's stall to see how she was doing. Ended up accompanying her till the evening since I didn't have anything important to do on that day anyway. It seems like I am way to free during this short holiday. Been staying home most of the time, catching up with sleep and watching TV, that's so unproductive haha.

I shall visit the Tamu again when I go back home for Christmas in December. In the meantime, enjoy the photos!

Mum at work.
I'm fascinated by these white carrots. The shapes are so odd and it kinda look like ginseng right?
Managed to have Chu Nyok Pau during tea time. Bought it from an old skool Chinese
coffee shop...still in business till this day!
Happy to receive a free coconut from a kind uncle lol.
Managed to find these lovely accessories in Tamu. I LOVE it :)

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