Tuesday, September 10, 2013

To be content...

With the cousins on a rare girls night out in Changkat. I think my favourite bar will always be
Sutraa cos they play a lot of old skool R&B/Hiphop! I LOVE my shark pattern top (from F21) :D

I know I haven't been writing anything 'serious' lately...not that I intend to at the moment cos there isn't much serious stuff to talk about. My life is not exactly all rainbow and unicorns these days but of course it is not that bad either. Like I've mentioned before, there was 'a glitch in the system' and because of that, it made me feel...I don't know, sad and hurt in a way but not to the point till I get so depressed. I do wish things would turned out differently, maybe even better but those things had already happened and there's nothing much I can do about it but just move forward instead. So, I'm just trying my best to be content with my life, take one step at a time and just be blessed with everything that's given to me. I don't want to or at least try not overthink too much cos I know it'll bring more pressure to me and I really don't want to add additional baggage in my life now.

So...yeah I want to try and be content with my life even when shit happens. If I want to go and have fun, I will go...if I want to draw stuff, I will draw...if I want to be sad, I have the right to do so. A friend told me that in order for us to grow up or change, we must experience hurt or an unexpected glitch, then we will know how to overcome it and be better. I know that there are people who expect us to succeed in everything we do but sometimes we can't change the world in a day. Do your best and God will do the rest. (I shall always keep this in mind). Apart from all this, I am still thankful for having people who will always have my back despite all my flaws and imperfections. I appreciate your constant support and faith in me hehe~ Thank you for that.

Anyway, I had a pretty good weekend last week. From going out with my cousins to Changkat on Friday night, Dim Sum brunch the following day and then MTV World Stage on Sunday! So much fun till I managed to not think about my problems for a while :) I think we all deserve to have fun once in a while right? Two weekends ago, the night before I flew back to KL, a friend of mine brought me out and I initially thought we'd just go and have coffee but we ended up in a pub, watching a Filipino live band perform (they were good!) and had a couple of drinks. I had one too many of Whiskey to the point that I was feeling tipsy...if I were to have another glass, I will definitely be drunk. But it's all good. I managed to reach home safely without any trouble. I haven't had that 'tipsy' feeling in a looooong time man. I don't even know I enjoyed it or not haha.

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