Monday, October 21, 2013

Being sporty

This is me in action, acting like I'm a super pro but actually I'm not haha
(photo credit: She Mei)
BHP Orange Run / 13. 10. 2013
The organiser gave so much free goodies after the run...of course, the best things in life are free right?
Drinking milo from the milo truck brought back good memories!
Adidas King Of The Road 10 km run / 20.10 2013. It was Jess's first marathon!
Sweaty and tired but feeling happy :)
Our post-marathon meal...was feeling super hungry right after the run so we treated ourselves with Darussalam's nasi lemak.

If you don't already know, I always have ZERO skills in any kind of sports which is why the only 'sporty' thing that I could do is running and even that, I don't do it constantly pfft. Yeah, I don't know why I suck in sports but it has been like that back in my primary school days and high school days as well. I've always tried to find ways to avoid participating in any sports during my school's sports day and most of the time I rather sit and cheer for my house team. It's not like I am weak or's just that, it's a proven fact that I sucked in sports haha. There was this time when I was asked to represent my house team for shot put competition during high school, I couldn't even believe why I agreed on it at that time. Of course I lost...I mean how could I compete with the strongest girl there (i.e my now good friend, Valerie) Well, let's just say that I am *probably* better handling art brushes than do any type of sports :P

Anyway, for the past two weeks I had a badminton match with a few of my colleagues after work. I think all of us are trying to have a more productive and healthy after-work activity hence playing badminton was one of it. To be honest I haven't been playing badminton in the LONGEST more than 10 years to be exact *yikes* plus I've never played badminton in a real court before. I know you'll probably be like "Dude, seriously?" but sad to say it's the truth haha. So when I played badminton in a real court with my colleagues, I had a real hard time. I didn't know the proper way to hold the racket, didn't know the proper way to serve...well basically I didn't know a lot of things about playing badminton. It adds more pressure when my colleagues can play so much better than me and seeing them dancing around everytime they scored a point just doubled up the pressure. Though I know we're just playing it for fun and it's not like we're gonna win a medal or something if we win, but having to know you're not good at something kinda brings your spirit down. But of course it is really pointless to cry over it, I mean Lee Chong Wei got defeated by Lin Dan quite a number of times but he still got up with his two feet and keep going right? 

To me, I like it better when my colleagues and I can do something fun without having any pressure by not making everything like serious competition. I want it to be something that we can laugh about at the end of the day as well. Though having a competition is good as well, (for our own self-confidence) but...I dunno, I think I'm the kind of person who'll focus on having more fun instead of having the 'I freakin' need to win this!' attitude. Whichever person we are, I think it's good to have a balance of both attitude inside of us. Sometimes you need to have that 'Monica' attitude in order to be able focus on what you want and sometimes you need to have that "Phoebe & Rachel' attitude as well to be able to not take things seriously...get what I mean? (if you've watched Friends, I'm sure you know who Monica, Phoebe and Rachel are) I still had a good time playing badminton with my colleagues, at least we can just lose ourselves and forget about our work-related stuff for a while...I just gotta practice more to improve on my badminton skills though.

Besides playing badminton, I also managed to join two marathons this month. The first one was the BHP Petrol Orange Run which was held at The Curve and the second one was the Adidas King Of The Road which just happened yesterday. I'm proud to say that I managed to finish the run within the given time :) I know I'm not a pro runner and I did not trained well for this two marathons but it's a good feeling to know that you're able to finish's like a small victory for myself haha. I did enjoyed both runs since it was held in the morning. The air was still a little cold and fresh in the morning too. Compared to the Nike We Run KL marathon that I participated last year, these two marathons are soooo much better. The only thing that I had to endure was the muscle pain on both of my legs. I felt so much pain after the Orange Run that I felt like I am an old woman, being bedridden for like 3 months haha. I also convinced Jess to join the Adidas run since she never ran a marathon before and I'm glad she managed to finish the run  as well despite how crazy busy she is and she didn't had proper training as well. Good thing is that my muscles (on both my tighs) doesn't hurt that much like before after the Adidas run and it'll definitely heal in about two days as long as I apply the muscle cream everyday.

I'm actually planning to join the Borneo International Marathon in KK next year since I never ran a marathon in KK before. But we'll see how it goes. If I can manage to convince more friends to join in then it'll be better. Don't get me wrong, I am  not gonna be one of those people who's suddenly into running marathon and getting fit hehe. I know it's like  a trend these days, people posting their workout routine, their progress and such...I don't really know how to respond to it when my friends post those things you know. I can support their 'I wanna be healthy lifestyle' but sometimes it can be annoying? Well, it's their life...why should I complain right? That explains I should probably join the bandwagon of being fit as well cos my flabby arms  and muffin top are jiggling happily at the moment sheesh. It needs to stop jiggling! LOL.

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