Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween twenty thirteen

I actually like the elements of Halloween, you know the spooky house, pumpkins, the black cat, dracula...etc. It's not a tradition to celebrate it here but I do know that we sort of adapted the festival hence you can see a lot of Halloween parties organised by clubs and  even in restaurants. I've never actually been to a Halloween party in my life (dang, what a sad life pffft) so I doodle Halloween stuff instead. I also finally have a legit reason to wear that Count Dracula socks that I bought from Korea today. I know I can just wear it anytime but today is just the perfect day to do.

Anyway, it has been a helluva busy week with classes and also the student exhibition that I am involved in. Had to do the set-up till the wee hours of morning and it was super tiring. I don't think my body could accept me being awake for soooo long and sacrificing my sleep anymore. On the other hand, I am emotionally *hurt* in a way cos of something that I'd rather not talk about it here. Gotta keep keeping my head and chin up when shit happens.

Another brand new month tomorrow. Please be good.

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