Friday, October 04, 2013

Keep doin' what you do

My cousin Jess had just moved out and now she's staying in a better and 'atas' place in Hartamas so I've been pretty lonely eversince. But they say that if you love someone, you gotta set them free so...I am letting her free now haha~ Well I hope her new crib is gonna be awesome...actually it is from what I saw when I visited her place last week. I guess I am back to my 'forever alone' self again. *sigh* But nothing to worry about...Merl said that I'm gonna be A-OK which I am, really. It's just that my place is very quiet now. Anyway, I've been using my time at home to do more art stuff and I am now back to using my favourite medium, watercolour and also trying to experiment with recipe/food illustration. 

I have been looking through a lot of food illustration artworks via Pinterest and also got inspired by one of my favourite blogger, Hand Made Love (go and check out her works) so I wanted to try it out. The goal for me is to practice painting with minimal colours but still making the object recognisable. But the thing is, I still ended up painting most of the details making it look very realistic just like the mangosteen and tomato painting above. Gotta practice more on this since I am planning to make prints out of it. I think I did mentioned that I wanted to open an Etsy shop but haven't really got into it due to the lack of materials to sell. But I REALLY wanna open the online shop Imma need to create more in the days to come and keep doing what I do. I think the more I paint/draw, the more I appreciate my skills, albeit still not GREAT but it doesn't matter. I know I can do it haha~ The pancake painting is still in the work-in-progress stage and I shall post the final version once I'm done. Hoping for a good outcome though. 

P/S: My prayers goes out to the family of my ex-high school teacher, Cikgu Jonuin who has been called upon the Lord yesterday. Such an unexpected news to hear and it always hit you to realise that life is short and only God knows the plan for us. He was our discipline teacher back then and most of us were scared of him. But he was loved and respected by all of us for being a cool, sporting and humble teacher. He's also a great sports coach and that's the reason why my school can always win in MSSD haha. I remembered there was this time when the prefect confiscated my photos that I kept in my wallet during spot check, I had to gather up my guts to meet him in his office to ask if I could take back the photos. He wasn't even angry when I met him...he was like "Okay, you can have the photos back" *smiles widely* and that is why he is one of the coolest teacher in St. Michael. Rest in peace cikgu. You'll be missed by all of us. 


Chrystal Giam said...

I love your watercolour illustrations no matter if it's simplistic or realistic! I keep telling myself to paint more often, but I fail... Sighs.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

aww thanks chrystal! haha yeah, i also need to spend more time in making art/paint...but sometimes i just love to procrastinate :P but you can do it!!