Thursday, October 03, 2013

On being poor..

Last Sunday during the homily in church, the priest addressed a question to everyone asking how would it be like if you are poor? (based on the gospel reading Luke 15:5-10) The priest said that when he asked this question to a few people before the mass, he found out that most of them has similar answers which is basically we are all gonna be doomed if we turned poor. What caught my attention was when the priest mentioned how people would immediately thought of the negative side if they are poor and never see the 'richness' of being poor. No, I'm not gonna go on and preach every single thing but I did found a valuable lesson from listening to the homily last week. 

When you put yourself in a poor person's shoes, you will value your life better and you will also understand trying to earn a living is not as easy as ABC. I think the way you view life in general will also be different as well. While rich people (might) value their 'richness' in buying luxury items, the poor could see the richness in different aspect like being humble or appreciating little things that sometimes we don't. Well for me, in a way I am grateful that I was taught to understand that money doesn't come easy and also the value of working hard. I mean I don't come form a well-to-do family, my parents doesn't earn big money when they were still employed and the house that we still live in back in Penampang is probably the least attractive one now since my cousins are in the midst of building their hug ass mansion right in front of our house. 

I know my mom works hard, saved enough money to be able to send me to college and even to grad school so that I can experience living in overseas. I remembered when my dad used to give us monthly allowance every month when I was younger and my brother told me to save it until I was able to buy my own Puma Suede shoes with the money that I've saved. I know technically it was still my dad's money but to be able to not misusing my allowance on unnecessary stuff about to get something that I've been wanting in a while is worth the wait. Anyway, I don't know where I'm going with this's just that sometimes I see people who can just get anything they want or go on a holiday anywhere they want without even needing to work their asses off and I *do" feel envious of them...well, not all the time of course. I'm exactly sure whether the value of working hard or they just couldn't care less as long as the money comes in. I guess they are just very very privileged.

But if you were to ask me if I wanted to trade my life with them privilege people, I don't think I wanna do it cos as much as I (sometimes) feel envious of them, I've lived my life to this point and learned so many valuable lessons to make me who I am now. From that, I am able to understand and see the 'richness' of life even better. The priest also mentioned that repentance is important so that we will not get blinded by the luxuries all around us. If we can see through a poor person's life, then we will know how to value our lives better.

P/S: Not sure if this REALLY make sense but yeah, just a thought that I wanted to share. I really liked the priest's homily sharing last week :)

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