Thursday, October 10, 2013

That rare weekend

Fox snowcap from H&M and the sweatpants that I'm holding is only RM10! Thank God for mid season sale.

I think I've mentioned before that I normally would avoid heading down to KL during the weekends because I knew it's gonna be packed with people everywhere and I'd pretty much rather stay at home than being in a crowded place but...last week was an exception cos Merl and I decided to venture down to KL, tourist style with a minimum budget. Well, we didn't REALLY ventured KL since we only went to two main tourist spots; Central Market and Bukit Bintang but we did a lot of walking plus taking the public transport as well. If you really want to venture KL and experience all the hustle and bustle of the city, I suggest you take the public transport instead of driving. Of course you must not mind being squished with random people inside the bus or LRT but then that's the whole point to 'really' see KL :) I still have my love-hate thing for the transportation system here fyi. Sometimes I'm okay with it, then there are also times when I really wished I have a car. 

Our initial plan was to visit Central Market so we can get a closer look at all the graffiti art that can be seen at the Pasar Seni LRT station (along the Klang river) but we only managed to see if fro afar since we don't think it was a good idea to walk along the sidewalk, just the two of us. So we just went around browsing through other artsy stuff that we could find. I am actually very fascinated by the sand art design done by that Middle East man (from the photo above), not exactly sure which part of Middle East is he from but dayumm the patterns and colours that he designed in the bottles looked really nice. I think I might just get one when I visit Central Market again. Then we headed over to Bukit Bintang and hung around the area till it was time for us to head back to Subang. I guess we didn't do much things though...we're just basically in KL...just because haha but still, we had a pretty good time.  

Part of the reason why I wanted to head down to KL was also because I wanted to finish the roll of film from my lomo camera but I ended up not finishing it at all...I think I might need to venture out again one of these days. On the other note, I participated two marathon in the coming two weekends so I am looking forward for that though I haven't really trained myself and be fit to run. But like what my colleague told me, "We hentam only la," and I probably might just do that  :) I am just hoping I can finish that 10km run within the given time. Let's do this!!!

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