Thursday, October 24, 2013


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So recently I've been watching this show called Who Is Next (WIN), a reality show by YG Entertainment about two teams battling to be the upcoming new boy group under YG. I'm liking the show so far...not because I can go fangirl over the boys...they are seriously way too young for me to go crazy and start having posters of them on my bedroom wall haha but it's because I honestly think that these boys are very talented and have a bright future ahead of them. To me they don't seem to look like they're entirely 'manufactured' because I've seen episodes of them being capable to writing and producing their own songs. 

The teams  are divided into Team A, which consists of 5 members and there's Team B which consists 6 of members. Each of them have their own special skills be it in rapping, vocals and also dancing. I'm not really sure which team I like the best cos both teams to me, are just equally good! But if you were to ask who's my favourite, I'll probably say B.I, Bobby and Mino...I have a thing for rappers haha. Bobby and Mino has this raw and rough voice when they rap and I really liked it a lot. Kinda reminds me of DMX and Ja Rule in a way but of course DMX and Ja Rule's voice seems to sound more rougher. B.I's rap has this G-Dragon vibe in it and he's a good leader for Team B.

Tomorrow will be their final battle and the team who wins tomorrow will debut as the new boy group, called WINNER. I really hope YG won't kick the losing team out once they announce the winner...I am hoping YG will still keep them (the losing team) and probably let them debut later. But then, I'm not sure what's gonna happen during the fnal battle. Sometimes YG can just surprise you unexpectedly. Whatever it is, good luck to both teams 화이팅!

This is one of my favourite episodes in the show...where president YG brought the boys to JYP to have a one off battle with the JYP trainees. They had to do 3 battles; vocals, rap and dancing. I'm posting the rap videos here. Left is team JYP and right is team YG. In my honest opinion, team YG killed it! I like it when the rappers joined forces and perform. Awesome stuff!

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