Monday, November 25, 2013

Old habits die hard

Nose bleed!

So the thing is, I actually like having things to do, like if I have a lot of things in my hand at the same time, I would be able to handle it because to me I work better under pressure. The fact  that I know I've a deadline to meet will make me work harder just to complete everything. It's not like I would enjoy it 100 percent, I mean I love lazy days as know when you can sleep longer or just lay in bed reading a good book without any worries. Yes, I do love those lazy days. But to have things to do on a daily basis somehow makes my day/life more fulfilling rather than just laze around at home.

Anyway, I've been really caught up with work for the past two weeks plus having to complete a commission work that I can only do after office hours. It's been all work and work non-stop...well of course I had some time to do other stuff as well like catching on my favourite sitcoms but yeah...this month of November has been pretty hectic to me. Because of this, my old habits which I can't never seem to find a 'cure' from came back again. Lack of sleep + coffee the next day is really a bad combination. If you've been doing that like everyday, that's even worse. As much as I know that this these two things are like a 'deathly' combo for my health, I kept doing it over and over again because I never learn my lesson. Probably never will haha but because of this, my nose was bleeding again last week. It came in a surprise when I woke up and was about to brush my teeth and then suddenly fresh blood coming out from my nose. It happened again the second time when I was hanging out with my colleagues after lunch on the same day. Then the next day when I met my cousins for drinks at night, I had a bottle of Budweiser beer and I thought it was okay to drink it, but then my nose bled again for the 3rd time. Like I said before, I hardly get nose bleed and it's not something that happen to me very often but I kinda knew the reason why I got it this time was definitely because of the lack of sleep that I've been having and also a lot of consumption of coffee...which also leads my body to be all heaty.

I know that back when I was still in college and grad school, I could still handle all these stress and all the nights where I had to stay up late to finish my assignments. I guess always thought that I could still do this now. The reality is, I am definitely not young anymore and as my age increases, my energy level is slowly decreasing day by day. But I don't really know how to adjust my time and trying to sleep early is always hard for me. I somehow feels more energetic whenever I start my work late and I find that I could focus on it better. I worries me because when you're here by yourself, there's no one who's gonna take care of you or even be concerned about your health. I know that when I am home, my mom will have me drink all these Chinese stuff (which I don't mind at all) and keeps me healthy all the time. Someway or another, my lifestyle needs to change but...I don't really know when and how exactly *sigh* But give me at least 3 more weeks to deal with the craziness at work and hopefully I will be able to get a much needed rest when I am home for Christmas. In the meantime, gonna lay off coffee in a while...too bad cos my favourite Toffee Nut drink in Starbucks is back. But for health purpose, I shall drink more green tea now. 

November's coming to an end and I know I haven't had much time to update my blog *AGAIN* but I am working on a lot of things and preparing for my moderation next month so it's really been a helluva month for me. I'll try to get as much rest as possible and hopefully I won't be having nose bleed anytime soon. I think I've been misusing the motto 'Work hard, play hard.' Been working my ass off instead than play hard lol. 

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