Monday, December 30, 2013

Back far

My holiday has been pretty good so far but too bad it's ending REAL soon as I just realised that today is Monday and I am going back to work on Friday (yes, of all the days right?) The first two days when I am back, I've been sleeping too much to the point where I got migraine because of it pffft. When I really have nothing much to do, I can't think of anything better than sleep haha. Anyway, of course my days were filled with stuff to do as well like hanging out with my cousins, meeting up with my girlfirends and even had a rare breakfast session with my mum in Dongs. Imma let the photos do the talking for now...can't believe it's New Year's Eve tomorrow!!!

24/12 (Christmas Eve)
St. Michael's Church version of the nativity scene.
Audrey and Adrian.
Bumped into my 'kai ma' (left) in church. She's the person who took care of me when I was a baby. Haven't seen her in a long time!

25/12 (Christmas Day)

Quick cousins night out in Yoyo before Mierah fly to Manila.
26/12 (Boxing Day)
Woke up early to follow my parents to Dongs since my mum wanted to sell our kampung chicken eggs. Had breakfast with mum at this old kedai kopi which sells delicious paus!

It was also the weekly Tamu day.

Visited an open bundle sale and saw this awesome retro winter Olympic jacket for RM15!
Had dinner at my aunt's place but didn't managed to snap a lot of photos hehe. The cupcakes and Christmas cake were baked by my cousin-in-law and it tasted good!
27/12 (Marshall & Elena's wedding)
Congratulations to Marshall and Elena for finally tying the knot! Marshall, not only he's my nephew but he's also a good friend of mine whom I've known since secondary school. We attended the same tuition centre, attended Leo Club forum together and even danced together during Eve and Jo's wedding earlier this year haha. He's also a great supporter of my artworks so I am glad to be able to attend his big day...even if it's only the matrimony. Congrats to you Marsh!

It was raining non-stop the night before and when I was on the way to the church, there was a massive flood along the Minintod road. I got so panic but my mum was super calm and just made the sign of the cross and passed through it haha. Thankfully, everything was A-OK.
Marshall and Elena.
Simone was the choir conductor that day and she did a good job :D
Then off to Marshall's residence in Kg. Tanaki for lunch. This is the backyard of his house. Totally reminds me of Melbourne by looking at it.

What's a Kadazan wedding without karaoke and drinks right?

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