Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas owlies

Despite my busy time preparing stuff for my moderation, I took the time to do a lil painting on Wednesday since it was a public holiday. Actually, this is also a way for me to release my work-stress, by doing something that I love and not thinking about those paperwork, admin stuff, etc that I've to do at work lol. Anyway, I am pretty satisfied with the outcome of these Christmas owlies. It's my second attempt because the first painting (as you can see at my blog header) didn't looked that quirky to me plus it has not so much colour tones hence I decided to paint a second version. 

I also decided to make this painting into prints (refer to the last pic) so that I can send it to a few lucky friends since it's the holiday season. Wished I could print more but due to budget constrain again, it's quite limited so only a few of my lucky friends will be able to receive this haha. But do let me know if you want one. I will sign, seal and deliver it to you if you provide me your postal address. My colleague told me that I am one of those people who loves doing this kind of stuff, you know sending out greeting cards and all. It can be tedious at time but when you do something you love from your heart, it can be something really fulfilling and worthwhile. Another colleague of mine also told me to make business of out this...yes, I shall really kick start my Esty shop next year. I've registered an account already but I need more stuff to sell so...hopefully by next year I will be able to do this :) I am planning to paint a Christmas nutcrackers next but I'm not so sure if I have the time now since it's 5 more days before I head back to KK! So many errands to do now...
This is where the magic happens lol. My workspace is kinda messy but that's how I work.
So glad to have chosen this textured paper. Loving the outcome of it :)

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