Friday, December 20, 2013

Give and receive

Oh boy...I drank coffee after dinner today and I probably might not gonna sleep early later but it's alright cos I am still in the midst of double checking all the things that I've packed for home just in case I might forget something. Probably will get everything done after midnight and then I'll get a few hours of sleep, hopefully. Well, December is definitely a month of giving and receiving. Mother Theresa said, "It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving" and I couldn't agree more. When you are able to give with a sincere heart and not by force, it will definitely be more fruitful. It's not about wanting to impress your friends or family but because it's a simple kind of gesture to  let them know that they're always loved and being thought of by you.

I had my fair share of giving and receiving too this month and today, my colleagues and I finally had our annual Christmas gift exchange event. It was fun putting up our wishlists and being creative in decorating it in our own special way haha. My secret santa person was actually my very own cubicle neighbour, She Mei and because I absolutely LOVE brown paper, I DIY-ed my gift wrapper using the rubber stamps that I've carved. I think I should carve more Christmas-themed rubber stamps so I can use it in the future. So glad that my colleague likes the gift wrapper haha.

I received a belated Birthday card from Ivan who just came back from the land down under (so nice...dayumm). I LOVE Birthday cards! Handmade ones are always the best for me. Anyway, I'm calling this birthday card (see the second picture) the hipster birthday card cos it does have a hipster vibe in it...if you add a mustache, it'll be soooo hipster lol. Thank you for the lovely card.

I also received two early Christmas gifts last week from my colleague and also an ex-colleague. They're really into making homemade stuff these days so they made a lotion bar and also a soap bar and all the ingredients that they are using are natural stuff and chemical free. I love it because it's raw, original and you know that your skin is somehow 'protected' by those bad chemicals :) These are not the only things that I've received from my friends...there are still more and I am very grateful to them for their thoughtfulness. So much love received....totally no complains at all haha.

On the other note, finally it is my time to go back home for the holidays! I shall see you on the east side baby.
DIY gift wrapper using brown paper and rubber stamps.

Hipster birthday card from Aussie land.
Lotion bar from She Mei. Ingredients: Beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil & olive oil.
Lemon Rosemary Glycerin soap from Sarryan .

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