Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm feeling twenty...nine

Thank you Adrian. That's what family love is all about haha.

I have finally turned 29. I don't know how exactly I felt about this age because it's such an odd number and it seems like you're standing in between. In may case, it also marks the end of me being in my 20s and it's a start for me to enter the big three-oh. So yeah,  like I said...29 is an 'in between' age for me. Being at this age also reminded me how my youth days are officially over, well...not sure if it's really over but there are certain things that makes me feel like I am too old for this anymore haha. Well,whether we like it or not, eventually we'll always turn a year older in every year. Although it scares me at times but you know...you just gotta make the best of it and be thankful for still being alive and kicking.

This year, again I was preoccupied with work related stuffs that I didn't thought about what am I gonna do on my birthday or whether I should have a celebration or not. It was more like thinking whether I've prepared enough for my moderation presentation to the big bosses. Basically, I didn't had the time to be thinking about other stuff but just my moderation. I think that as I get older, I don't really feel like it is a must to make a BIG celebration, you know like having a big feast, getting drunk and all. It's more about just being grateful and blessed for another year. I received a text from my cousin when I woke up and with my mind still half awake I read the text and thought, "Wow...that's a really thoughtful message and probably the best birthday message that I received today :) It did made me realise that it is the little things like this that will make me smile and also felt blessed that people showed their gratitude. It totally made my day better despite having to sit in the meeting room together with the big bosses the entire day listening to all the presentation. 

It's okay not being able to celebrate this day with my family, it's okay that I don't have a big birthday party and well, my dad hasn't wished me in a couple of years but...well, it's alright. There's so many other things that I can be thankful of and it's the little things like how my colleagues gave me a mini surprise after a long day and gave me my favourite butter cake, how my cousins made a photo collage of me and posting it in instagram, how my friend wished me 3 hours earlier following Melbourne time, how my bff called me at 1am to wish me Happy Birthday and knowing so well that I still haven't sleep yet haha and also those wishes that I received verbally and virtually. Little things like this is already enough and experiencing these little things had taught me to always be grateful and continue to do good to others. Here's to celebrating a year older haha~

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Ivan Ho said...

wao..... expressive writing. what a wonderful birthday you had. Plus Adrian wrote u the sweet word from heart will make people cry.