Thursday, December 26, 2013

The joy of Christmas

Christmas is definitely my most favourite thing to celebrate and yes, I am also one of those people who are fascinated by the Christmas decors, Christmas trees, ornaments, santa, snowman and the whole she-bang of Christmas. A place that is nicely decorated with all the Christmas decorations is always nice to look at and of course when you're able to bring out the Christmas tree and decorate it on your own special way at home. The malls will also be filled with Christmas-y stuff and not forgetting all the nice Christmas songs that will be on air as you walk around the mall. It's a good know to let people get into the holiday season mood and start to make plans on what to do for Christmas. But there's Advent season before we celebrate Christmas and I think it is also a good thing that people can observe the Advent season and find the reason to truly celebrate Christmas. 

No, I'm not gonna write a 'I-am-holier-than-thou' (as what Elfie always say lol) post but because every week when I attend mass during the Advent season, the priest has always encouraged us to truly understand the reason to celebrate Christmas. Yes, we tend to make a lot of plans for Christmas...we have a lot of family and friends gathering and all that but have we really felt the presence of God within us? Or are we ready to give more? Or are we even ready to forgive all the wrongdoings that the people have done to us? A priest recently shared about a homily that Pope Francis gave on how we should value silence in order to feel God's presence. I find it was a really good point for him to say that especially during this time (last month of the year) where everyone is too busy doing so many year end stuff. This busy time is also the time where we *tend* to get stressed and angry easily hence we channel our anger to everything that we couldn't even find peace with ourselves. We forget to keep calm and have this quiet time with God. That's probably the reason why we tend to accumulate our anger and then suddenly drop it like it's hot lol when things are outta control. Well, through my experience this was bad. Really bad. We don't seek God to calm us down but instead our actions became worse. Anyway, it was something that caught my attention that Sunday morning and I think me being back home here did gave me the time to value my silence, to talk to God and open my heart to give and forgive.

Silence helps us to discover our mystery: our mystery of encountering the Lord, our mystery of walking through life with the Lord,”


That is why Advent is important to let us be prepared, to reflect and also to be ready to make a way for God's presence and His coming. Well, I hope at least we did make some time for Him despite our crazy busy life :) So many things to learn during the Advent season, tbh. When I attended the Christmas eve mass in St. Michael Church, I was sooo grateful that the priest gave his homily in Malay instead of Kadazan haha~ Anyway, he also mentioned something that caught my attention as well. He said that why did Mary decided to gave birth to Jesus in a stable where 'ox and ass are feeding' and there was no crib for a bed but instead a manger? The priest later explained that it was to show the humbleness our new King, where he doesn't need to be born in a very fancy-smancy place but still be the Saviour to the people. Jesus himself was a great example of a humble person...someone who doesn't ask for a lot but only asking us to trust and love him. Indeed, it was a good reminder for us to think about His presence on Christmas day, after all it is his day right? I liked how the priest ends his homily by telling us to forgive the people who've hurt you or have done something wrong to you because it is truly a time for giving and receiving God's love :)

Kinda weird for me to write these kind of things huh? Not that I am a super holy Catholic myself but yeah, it might be cos I'm getting older that I pay more attention in the church now hahaha~ To me, I personally think it is important for Christians to understand the reason to celebrate Christmas and the importance of celebrating I've said, it's not only for santa, reindeers, fruit cakes and all that commercial hype. Anyway, I am wishing everyone including my family and friends, a very blessed Christmas 2013 and may you find peace, love and joy on this wonderful holiday season! Unfortunately, I don't have any special Christmas family dinner with my own family because my brother's working and my dad...well, it's been way too long since he step his foot into the house of God was only me and my mum having our humble Christmas eve dinner which consist of rice, corn soup and fried chicken haha. Then it was off to Christmas eve mass with my cousins Audrey and Adrian. Well, at least I am home :)

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Ivan Ho said...

Best post of the year came in before 2013 is ended. An expressive writing. Impressive. Touched by the sound of silent. The humbleness really calm people down. The way that mother mary trust the lord really something to learn. Father Simon talks about Hope, Love, Joy, Peace & lastly christ for each week. Makes the season of advent filled with feeling, A warm feeling, its make the season so complete. He is a man with deep feeling & very expressive. I think he makes the season not so noisy but also not so low but just right & sentimental.. I loving it. An inspiring man. Eventually this post is inspiring. I loving it.