Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Twenty thirteen, I bid you goodbye

Dear 2013,
Well...what can I say? It has been a helluva year huh? Did you treat me good? Well, it was actually not so bad. To tell you the truth, I was feeling really down for the past few months because of some circumstances that can't be avoided. God gave me so many challenges in order to see whether I am brave/strong enough to endure it. It wasn't easy but I am thankful that I still can stand up with my own two feet now. I know I shouldn't make me big deal out of it because there are people out there who are given much BIGGER challenges than I do and yet, they are still able to face it and got through with it without much complain. It's funny how we always wish for better things everytime when we are entering a brand new year but yet, things are not always gonna look like rainbows and unicorns all the time. But then, I am thankful for these challenges...despite sometimes it can turn out to be bad, it is after all lessons in life for me to learn to be a better person.

Twenty Thirteen did gave me good memories as well. I visited Mabul Island and had fun snorkeling with my friends during CNY. It was one of the best CNY celebration that I had in a long time haha. I also managed to visit Seoul, Korea for the first time with my colleagues. Fell in love with the city and I am really hoping to make another visit there again. It was also my first experience to vote, as a Malaysian. Definitely a new experience to me and it felt like such an 'adult' thing to do haha. Another milestone for me was also to finally get my teeth fixed by putting on braces. Been wanting to do that for a while and finally...managed to do it this year. So far so good cos I have seen progress! Ohhh...this year was also the year where I finally joined the bandwagon of owning a smartphone as well hahah. Not exactly a big milestone but still, getting it with my own hard earned money is something too. But suddenly getting a little too attached to it is not a good thing haha.

I guess one important thing that 2013 has taught me was to have more self love, to believe in my capabilities in doing the things that I want  and basically to appreciate myself better. Sometimes it is easier said than done and knowing me, my optimism level is not exactly that high anyway but yeah, I am trying and I believe I do see improvements in me...albeit slowly. This coming new year, I'm hoping that I can continue to work on myself more, to do and give more things and basically just to live life. I also need to get real serious on continuing my studies as well in year 2014. Oh well, thank you 2013 for all the experiences no matter how good or bad. I am grateful to experience it and learn from it as well. I apologise for all the bad and wrong doings that I've done, let us all forgive and hope for a great new start in year 2014. May God continuously shower His blessings to my family, friends and everyone so that we may always walk in the path of God. Love more, give more and smile more. Good things must come to an end...so I am gonna bid you goodbye, 2013! Adios amigos!


Ivan Ho said...

WOW. Why every post also so inspiring?? ... you got so many achievements over the year... so envy u. hahaha. U have put so much effort on yourself really something for people to learn. Good sharing. Good post because u can drop down all the good things in 2013. I like it.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

haha...not so inspiring la just write the things that's in my heart hahaha. yeah, 2013 have been a great journey. hope to have a good year in 2014.