Monday, January 27, 2014

Kokol hill

Long overdue post: 

For our annual year end bff get-together, we stayed one night at Rasa Sayang Health Resort in Kokol Hill. I've never been to the resort before and all I know is that the resort is located on top of a hill and that's basically it :) I always knew Sabah has SO MANY beautiful places but unfortunately I don't get the opportunity to visit all the awesome places very often. That's kinda sad seeing that I am a Sabahan after all. Sometimes we tend to always want to travel somewhere out of our country but then we never really realise that Malaysia has so many to offer, especially Borneo. I think I really should make a plan to venture more places in Sabah...heck, I haven't even climb Mount KK yet! Such a fail Sabahan lol. 

Anyway, back to the resort. It felt refreshing to be in another different town for a night and of course, being surrounded by nature, it calms your heart a lot haha. We had a drinking game after dinner and although I have no photos to prove it, the drinking game did went a lil crazy. Too much laughters and tipsy incident...I even broke a glass pffft. Then we also had our annual gift exchange in between the drinking game. I didn't managed to sleep well actually because having the four of us sleeping on a king size bed wasn't a brilliant idea so I sacrificed myself and slept on the floor instead using Simone's bath towel as my blanket lol.

We had breakfast the next day at the resort's restaurant. The food was okay, wasn't the best but still not bad. But the view that we got while having our breakfast was really nice. You can see a part of KK city from the top and also more trees. We left at noon and drove back to Penampang, a town that we are most definitely familiar with and had lunch at our old time favourite place, Ching Fah and went home to rest. It was indeed a really short trip but still, it was a good feeling to spend time with my bffs...after all we don't see each other that often compared to those days when we were still in our teens. Rasa Sayang resort is a great place for a short quick getaway from the city. Will definitely visit there again if I have the time one of these days :)

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