Thursday, January 16, 2014

Of being sick...

My mom said that for a person who hardly get sick, once they actually fall sick, it would be an 'all out' kind of sick where it might take days to recover because your body is just too weak to function. I am in this exact situation right now and I've been sick for the past 4 days and things doesn't seem to look good yet. Woke up today with a migraine, and the cough and flu are still attacking my body. *sigh* I don't think I've been sick for the entire year of 2013 but my body finally had to give in lol. Well, if you're away from your family, no one is gonna bring you to the doc or make you nice chicken soup to drink. So yeah...I gotta take care of myself. I just hope I'll recover soon cos I need to eat good food at my company's annual dinner this weekend. 

P/S: I can't even do anything productive at home because once I took my meds, it made me all drowsy and sleepy. The only thing I can do was to catch up with some TV sitcoms mehhh.

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