Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Horsey year

Happy Lunar New year! Gong Xi Fa Cai. I hope you are having a good time celebrating with family and friends. I am once again back in Penampang and since this year I am not celebrating CNY in my mum's hometown Tawau, it was indeed a pretty quiet CNY for me here in Penampang. Of course celebrating CNY in Tawau would be more 'fun' and I can get more angpows haha...but it's kinda a hassle when you don't have a place to stay and my mum did explained clearly to me on why CNY is not the same anymore eversince my maternal grandparents are no longer in this world.

The past few days since I arrived has been pretty mundane. I've done nothing but just eat, sleep, talk with my cats (I know, crazy cat lady in the making), observing my mum's garden and watch random shows on the telly. I honestly can't stand not doing anything so I told myself that by tomorrow I gotta start painting and read my book or else I'll just jump off from my room lol. I'm kidding but I really need to do something before my holiday ends in 5 more days. Just remembered that I have plans to go for an evening run with my girlfriends tomorrow in Bukit Padang. Well, at least there's another productive thing to do :) Anyway, the first two days of CNY was still okay...my aunt (mum's sister) and her family came over to my house for a visit on 初一 (first day of CNY). I also managed to meet my cousin after not seeing him for like, 15 years? I can't really recall but after high school he went to the States to study and stayed there eversince. He's now married and has a son called Caleb. Kinda good to see him again, albeit a little awkward cos you know, we're all so grown up and we did not kept in touch in a really long time. But my cousin's wife is super nice. Such a friendly person to talk to :) Then on 初二 (2nd day of CNY), Simone kindly invited me to her aunt's house and hang with the rest of her aunts and not forgetting to watch the dragon & lion dance as well. Luckily her (Simone) aunt's place is just a walking distance from my house so I didn't need to worry about transportation like how I used to everytime I'm here pffft. But thank you Mone for inviting me and also giving me a very surprising 'actual birthday gift' hehe...that was totally unexpected but I am super touched! Thank you!

I wish I can also spend time with my cousins and also my brother but since they're all working, I don't think I'll be able to hang with them that much....my brother especially who currently works 24/7 with limited rest. Kinda feel bad knowing that he and my cousin Jay doesn't get to celebrate Christmas and CNY while I am here at home basically enjoying my holidays. But you know, I work my ass off as well and for me to be where I am today, it takes a lot of effort too. So it is not easy to earn money...we all need to start from something and then slowly and hopefully better things will come upon us. That is why when we work hard, we gotta play hard too right? I shall try to make my remaining days here more productive so by the end of my holiday, I won't feel like my time was wasted by doing nuthin'. wishing everyone a great Lunar New Year and may the horse year brings more prosperity, joy and luck to all of you. I heard on the radio a few days ago that people who are born in the year of rat (which is me) will have a hard year in 2014. Not sure how true it is but I also heard my friends says that Horse and Rat is a bad combo. Ahh well, I'm just gonna keep praying and work hard then we'll just see how this year goes :)

Here are some photos taken during the first two days of CNY.

Mum made popiahs to serve during tea time when my aunt and her fam came to visit.

Met my nephew Caleb for the first time all the way from Arkansas. He seems to like me hehe.

2nd aunt and her fam.
Second day of CNY. With Simone.
Dragon dance.
With Simone's aunties and her cousin Heidi (front)
Awesome firework display that night.


GossipMerl said...

i miss your mum's POPIAH!!! one of the sedap-est i hv tasted.

GossipMerl said...

i miss your mum's POPIAH!!! one of the sedap-est i hv tasted.