Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Day 2014

There are times when you wish you can get the kind of love that you want but unfortunately it is not gonna happen, probably ever. Such a sucky feeling but it's okay. God loves me more...I mean having Jesus died on the cross for me, man that's real love yo. Yeap, just tryna convince myself that it's okay to not have 'that kind of love' that I want haha. Anyway, Happy Love Day everyone. They say love makes the world go spread some love today! Actually not only today, but it should be everyday right? Hope you'll have a great Valentine. Let me just drown in sorrow and listen to all the sappy love songs tonight hahahaha....just kidding. 

On the other note, I'm back to work and it's been a super busy+tiring week hence *again* the lack of updates here. Can't promise I'll update much tho~ 

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Ivan Ho said...

The actual artwork is very good. Excellent.