Monday, March 31, 2014

End of March

Sometimes it's hard when you sincerely want to do or be good to others, you'll still end up getting judged even if you've explained again and again that the things that you do is with a good heart. It's just like the situation that Jesus have experienced. He came to spread the good word to the people and yet, he was condemned and got crucified. Humans are like that. We can never be satisfied with everything and I also tend to fall into this sort of situation as well. So what can we do about it? I guess we just need to learn to accept and forgive...and continue to do good just like what Jesus did.  I mean whatever it is, if you've got a good heart and is sincere to become a better person, we can't let all these judgmental stuff get into our heads too much. Anyway if this kind of situation happens to me again, i'll just have to calm myself and let it go...though it can be hard cos sometimes our head may play different scenarios that could lead us to become angry. Well, we just have to try...

On the other note, I went to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier last weekend and it was amazeballs. Haven't been to the cinema that much these days but watching Captain America on the big screen was worth it. I may not be a Marvel geek...well, actually I am not at all but I like knowing things about the superheroes and stuff. It's cool to know that Agents SHIELD actually has hidden secrets and how Falcon is one of Captain America's partner, working together side by side. I actually love it haha and I also look forward for the continuation of Bucky's story too. Not sure whether they will rekindle their friendship but I think they will! Now I shall wait for The Amazing Spiderman 2 and let's hope it's gonna be good too.

My blogging mojo has seriously gone down the drain at this moment. I have so many things to write about yet I always ended up keeping everything inside. It's not healthy, really but some things are just better left unsaid. I don't really have a legit reason why I haven't been active in posting stuff here. Well, actually I am pretty busy with work but then that seems like an overused reason. The time is moving so fast that I haven't really sit and figure out the things that I needed to do. My Etsy shop is still pending, my proposal to continue my MA is also still in pending, I don't even know why I get so de-motivated lately. I'm currently working on some paintings for my colleague's wedding invite. AS much as I like flowers, painting 'em takes a lot of practice and I shall continue my hustle in painting more tulips tonight.

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Ivan Ho said...

That day we went to Sushi Tei right. After few days i met this Sushi friend Shareen again in karaoke. She asked me your friend isnt has a lot of things inside the heart? I say how do u know that? she said she felt that u got a lot of words inside the heart are being left unsaid. Then im kidding by saying u can become a fortune teller.
Reserve the words inside the heart is really extremely bad, actually 1 call away u can say it to your best friend or family. No need to bother they like to listen or not but at least u have let out this good/bad energy. Even a good or bad energy we have to share it out. Not to make people feel good but make yourself feel better. Hope your doing fine. Good news we share. Bad news we share as well.