Saturday, March 01, 2014

One year old film

It's Saturday and this is the 3rd time in a row where I have to be back in the office to get my work done. Trying to have a longer sleeping time but unfortunately my mind keeps making me think of the unfinished tasks that's waiting in the office. Not cool at all. Anyway, do enjoy your weekend while I am stuck here editing photos of student final projects for the college archive pffft.

On the other note, I finally went to develop my lomo film a week ago. It took me one whole year to finish a roll of film. One year! I can't even believe it. I guess after my Mabul Island and Korea trip, I just totally ignored my lomo cam and did not managed to use it until the time I went back home for CNY early this month. Come to think of it, I should've taken more photos while I was in Mabul and also in Seoul tsk tsk. But it's okay, I shall make full use of my lomo cam in the upcoming trip...soon. Anyway, I recently just purchased my second lomo camera since I really wanted a second one. This online shop Lazada was having a discounted price last month for Holga 135BC camera and I decided to get one in yellow colour. Haven't tried it out yet but hopefully soon or maybe I'll just wait to use it for the upcoming trip. The photos below were taken using Lomo x Tungsten 35mm film and the result was okay, but to compared with the photos that I took previously using the same film, I prefer the previous ones :) Another new month is here! February, you've been a crazy month for me...seriously. But it's all good.

The beautiful Mabul Island.
Seoul, Korea.
Taken in Namsam Tower.

Yeouido Park.
St, Michael Church grotto. I love this grotto a lot. 

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