Monday, March 10, 2014

Oh March...

This month of March seems to bring some bad luck to Malaysia...with the news of Anwar's sodomy case and then the case of disappearing Malaysia Airlines aeroplane, MH370 which I personally find it odd and weird in a way. Like, I wonder how exactly can the plane just disappear just like that and there is no traces of it until now. You'll definitely hear a lot of speculations about it like it is probably a hijacking case or the plane is has been taken away from aliens or even stranded in the middle of nowhere just like the TV series, Lost. The radio stations have been playing more mellow, slow songs as well to commemorate this tense time. Just yesterday, one of the radio stations was playing Foo Fighters' Walking After You! Haven't heard that song in a long while. I guess I can start listening to the radio again now. Well, I can't say much about it as I am also just following the news (the legit ones) and of course, offering my thoughts and prayers to passengers and their families. I am hoping to hear some good news out of this.

All the intense things that's been going on in the country, you'd probably need to think twice whether it is the right time to post happy things here or not. But when you think about it, everything will be in God's hand. We can pray as much as we want but God will have the final decision. So yeah as we keep our hope and faith up, life still needs to go on. I still have to get my work done and conduct my classes. It will still go on. 

Thought of sharing some photos taken from the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo that I went with my colleagues on Saturday. Been wanting to make a visit to this expo and finally we found the time to go there before the expo ends this week. When you think Doraemon, it'll bring back to your childhood time and reading Doraemon comics brings so much joy to you. You get so familiar with the characters and their personalities and also not forgetting Doraemon's cool gadgets too. My favourite thing in this expo was definitely the 'pintu suka hati' cos seeing a life size version of it really makes you wish that the door can really work lol. If there is a Slam Dunk Expo in the future, I will not miss the chance to go!

All photos are courtesy of my colleague, Darry. He brought his DSLR cam, hence the great quality of photos :)

Doraemon. before he became a blue cat.
With Darry.
Pintu suka hati! Apparently I look like a hobbit here.
Not your typical lecturers lol #kidatheart

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