Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Midnight hustle

It is finally the semester break but like I've said, I'm still pretty busy with a lot of other things at work and I am feeling the stress on me now. Well, it's a good kind of stress...I mean I can keep myself busy doing stuff but at the same time I kinda need a break as well. Been dealing with more admin and paperwork stuff in the office and it's not exactly that fun plus this Spritzer collabo project that I am currently in charge on is quite tough to me because I ALWAYS tend to forget or miss out important tasks to do for this project. But it's gonna end soon so hopefully my colleagues and I can do out best on it. During the night when I am home, I've been a few doing artsy stuff and also working on a mini project with another colleague of mine for the college's studio. I sort of felt like being a student again, doing my 'assignment' at night and have to meet my HOD for comments and feedback. Well, you just don't wanna stop hustlin' and continue to work harder.

Decided to give myself a break tonight and not think about work for the moment. Anyway, just wanted to share some of my work in progress here before I go and continue reading my book on my bed. Was thinking of working on another painting but I'll probably do that during the weekend. In the meantime, have a good day people. It is indeed the Holy Week now and it is also a time for me to plan and strategise my time/route to attend the Holy Week mass. It is me against the traffic again haha. Blog more soon! Follow me on instagram for more wip stuff (@viviendumpangol)

My 3rd flower painting practice. Painted this for my colleague's wedding invite but she didn't use it in the end. Oh well, it was a good practice for me though.
Working on an Easter Day card and I'll be giving out limited edition prints for few lucky friends :) Imma make this available in my future Etsy shop too.
I love hand lettering a lot but it can be hard sometimes when you still can't get the handwriting that you want. Worked on this last night with a lot of trials and errors.
Created a digital version which IMO, turned out not so bad. But of course there's room for improvement.
More wip to come. Just wait for it...

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