Saturday, April 26, 2014

That roadtrip day

Took a day on Tuesday to have a one day road trip to Malacca with my colleagues. Even I was on leave, my boss and students did not gave a a day of peace haha. Students have been bombarding me with so many questions regarding on the competition and my boss...well, I don't think I can say much here. They need a chill pill, like seriously. Anyway putting those things aside, the purpose of us going to Malacca was not exactly for fun and leisure cos the main reason we went there was to make a visit to The Royal Press. It is Malaysia's oldest letterpress printing company and they are still printing stuff using the old school way, you know with metal blocks and linotype machines. I've never seen how letterpress works in real life (only seen in in videos and pictures) so it would be cool to pay a visit to The Royal Press. But unfortunately, the owners wasn't around so we couldn't get the chance to have a guided tour of that place. We could only take a peek of what's inside the place. Ah...that kinda sucks but oh well, I guess we'll just go again next time. 

So with nothing else to do, we decided to just walk around Jonker Street but the weather was super hot that we did not plan to continue venturing Jonker Street. But having cendol on a really hot weather is such a great feeling. Plus, Malacca's cendol in my opinion taste better than Penang's because the gula melaka seems to be more richer and thicker. Since I also found out that The Big Bad Wolf booksale was happening in Malacca, we also paid a visit there and as you know books are one of my weaknesses. It's like I just can't stop myself from buying books haha. Well, it was a good trip...albeit just a short one. Actually I'm gonna come and visit Malacca again in August since my colleague will have a wedding reception there so I am definitely gonna come back for that awesome cendol again and also putu piring...omg, that stuff is like heaven that melts into your mouth lol.

Breakfast on the go. Have I told you that I freaking love McD's coffee? Especially Americano. LOVE IT!
Pork noodle for lunch.
The Royal Press. Need to make another visit to this place again soon.
LOVE the vintage packagings.
Jonker Walk, on an extremely hot day.
The best.
Satay celup!
Putu Piring. Had this for the first time and dayum, it was so good.

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