Monday, April 07, 2014

The weekend

My Saturday was spent having brunch with my cousin Jess in this café called Mr. & Ms which is located in Oasis, Ara Damansara. There is so many new hipster cafés in the Klang Valley now and it seems like there will be more upcoming cafes just waiting to open soon. Jess is also my coffee buddy and we're always on the hunt for a good coffee place though I don't think we can do it frequently because number one, we don't get to meet each other on an everyday basis and number two, the coffee price and foods in a hispter café is not exactly cheap. But for the love of coffee, visiting a hipster cafe once in a while should be okay,  I guess. The food and latte from Mr. &Ms was pretty good. Definitely will be back there again if I have the chance though I probably need to be there earlier, before noon that is. 

In the evening, I attended the graduation ceremony of my students in Sunway Convention Hall. Seeing my students finally graduate really brought back all the memories and also the last graduation ceremony that I attended brought a shocking news the very next day. Hope you're doing well up there boy. Anyway, it's always nice to be able to meet up with my students after not seeing them in a while. Some of them have started working, some are planning or already continue their studies and while some are doing things totally un-related to their field haha. Well whatever it is that they are planning to do, I wish them the very best of luck and keep moving forward. There are so many things to grab out there...I remembered the moment I've finished my diploma, so many people has been asking me what's my next plan and at that time, I was so un-sure so I sort of waited till I attended my own graduation ceremony then make my decision. To be honest, I don't even know what's my next plan now. Should I continue to stay here? Go back home for good? I seriously have no idea. But I guess, as you go on with your life, you'll eventually figure it out. No matter how long it takes haha. God has a perfect plan for all of us....just believe in Him. 'Twas a nice evening meeting with my ex-students and also the coffee session with my colleagues after the graduation dinner. As always, coffee session with my colleagues are all about talking nonsense and laughing out loud about it.

It's the last week of the semester and although I don't really have THAT much of gradings to do this semester, I predict I am gonna be busy for the next two weeks of semester break. There's this Spritzer campaign that I need to deal with, preparing new project briefs for the coming semester, admin stuff and not forgetting filling out my income tax...which I really need to do it soon. Then I'll be going back to KK at the end of the month for Borneo International Marathon. I am excited but I haven't trained enough since the only appropriate time I can go running is during the weekend. I need to make more time to train, for real. Currently, my area is having this water rationing thing and it's really not that fun. Imma need to live in a nomad lifestyle soon pffft.

Our lattes. Of course an obligatory hipster photo is a must haha.
With my colleagues. Do we still pass as students? Photo courtesy of Sue Jane.
The 3 girls from the right are students from the Revolt1008 batch. All looked so pretty now!
Eric (middle) was my Certificate level student then he continued his diploma and is still as nice as ever till this day. Kept telling him how handsome he has become as he gets more matured in age haha. Btw, my teeth looks straight now!
Really wished I was able to meet some more of my students but I couldn't find any of them. Oh well...and that's how my weekend went. There was no water supply on Sunday so it wasn't a great Sunday for me haha.

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