Sunday, May 11, 2014

First Borneo International Marathon 2014

The Borneo International Marathon (BIM) was held just a week ago and I'm still kinda feeling the post-marathon blues now heh. I am so glad that I am able to join in the BIM this year since I was planning to do so since last year. This marks my 4th time joining a 10k marathon but the first in joining BIM.  If you were to ask if I managed to train myself for this marathon...well not exactly as I only managed to run during the weekends 2 months before the marathon. Really wished I was abe to train more though in order to maintain my stamina but hey, I'm not a hardcore marathon runner so I just told myself that during the actual marathon  day, "Don't think, just run!" Plus I've done 10k before so I was sure that I can manage to finish the run less than 2 hours.

Woke up as early as 3am on Sunday morning...actually I didn't had much sleep cos I was hanging out with my cousins next door till midnight and only managed to sleep for about 3 hours. My mom was kind enough to cook half boiled eggs for me as a pre-run meal and I gotta say eating eggs (especially kampung eggs) can totally boost your energy seriously! Left home with Simone at 4am and reached Likas Stadium 40 minutes after. It was still dark when we reached the stadium but there were already a lot of marathon runners there...a bunch of them are getting ready for the 21k marathon and some were still waiting for the kick-off time for 10k. We took the time to chill for a while before heading to the starting point of our run.  Our actual flag off was at 6am, so about 5 minutes before that the announcer told everyone that a Kenyan dude is coming back from the full marathon which kicked off at 3am earlier. I was like, "Dayumm, that was fast!" Yeah, the Kenyan guy finished the full 42k marathon within 3 hours. Respect!

Soon as our 10k marathon started, I had to bid goodbye to Simone since I am running and she was gonna walk all the way instead. My first 5km was marvelous. I was running non-stop, in a good pace and I guess it must've been the kampung chicken eggs that I had earlier. It really gave me all the energy that I needed. The view while I was running was nice to...running along the coastal area towards Tanjung Lipat early in the felt good. As I was passing Kinabalu Backpackers Lodge (the one that's near to Stamford College), there were a bunch of (men) tourist sitting outside the balcony drinking coffee and looking at all the marathon runners. I had to slow my pace down just to look at all the eye candies for a few seconds hahahaha. Anyway, then I continued running and towards 7k, a lot of people was walking and it was hard to run pass them so I decided to just run and walk...the sun was blazing hot by then and I seriously regretted for leaving my cap in the car wtf. Had to cover my face with my face towel instead. I finished my run at 1 hour 40 minutes; not my best PB because I knew I could finish it maybe 10-15 mins earlier but oh well, I'm not running for a competition. The fact that I am able to finish this 10k marathon within the given time is already a good achievement for me.

Managed to meet up with some of my high school friends while I was hanging out at the stadium after the marathon. They (my high school friends) did 21k marathon...major respect as well. I wished I was able to meet more friends though and take photos together but somehow I just couldn't find any of them. My colleague, who made her virgin visit to KK for this marathon told me she had a good run as well...apparently those who did half marathon had a better view of the coastal highway and I couldn't agree more. I *might* consider to do 21k for the next BIM, provided that I can train myself better but...we'll just see how it goes. This first Borneo International Marathon felt very significant to me because I am running in my very own hometown, as a Sabahan and I'm proud to be able to participate this event...not forgetting getting the awesome medal too. I look forward for the next BIM which is gonna be held at the same month next year. Let's see if I am up for 21k yeah? Acutally I am thinking of joining Kuching International Marathon in August, so that I could also take this chance to visit Kuching since I've never been there before. Was thinking of traveling solo but not sure if I can do that at the moment. Maybe I should convince Simone to join in as well.

In Likas Stadium at 5am.
Coincidentally BIM was held on Star Wars Day (4th of May) hence the tagline 'May the fourth be with you'
Passing through the coastal highway.
With our finisher medals.
My high school friend, Gray(right), did 21k and she's superb in joining these kind of event.
Love my medal :)
Sunny weather in KK.

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